RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Fic Recs: The O.C. Edition

First of all, I maintain there is some pretty quality stuff if you scan for O.C. in these here old rec posts of mine (wow, so many links for like 3 stories in each); my opinions about all of them are the same now as they were then. But meanwhile, I have found just a BUCKETLOAD full of brand new and equally amazing stuff this summer, and so now it gets its very own theme post.

1. Seven Nights - Arsenic
The Nana dies. Seth mourns her way.

Headcanon approved! Oneshot.

2. Previously on the O.C. - sloganeer
"I know you're new. Let me catch you up."

In which Seth bonds with his new baby sister by narrating their family origins in the style of any good season premiere.

3. Night Sky - somethin_random
She drives to the old lot where she and Ryan first kissed and parks. It’s the stars that really get to her. The same stars they used to sit under and not watch; she watches them now. Everything’s changed, but the night sky remains exactly the same at this time of year.

Or, Theresa reflects after running into Ryan at the end of season 2, and my heart turns into a giant chasm of secondhand pain for her.

4. Lost and Found - brandywine421
An interesting AU look at the summer between season 2 and 3, if Trey had had enough strength left after being shot to shoot Ryan in the back and escape.

5. This Look in My Eyes - Throughthestars18
"He doesn’t know how to say it. He’s not great at showing it. But he loves her. God, he loves her." / or, in an attempt to overcome the distance between them, Ryan buys Marissa a rose.

Season 3 oneshot, and headcanon accepted. This is perfect. It's also...actually the very first Ryan/Marissa story I've ever read?? What an intro.

There will be one more that I'm saving for its own post. Stay tuned!
Tags: fic recs, o.c.

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