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Zoo 3x07

It's Labor Day. I have labored. On the things that matter, like doing my damnedest at catching up on Zoo.

  • Hark! I did not realize how much I missed this show being about zany animal chases out in the field until we were finally blessed with just such an adventure, starring our favorite partnership -- plus a special guest. I think we all know which Hated Dad, in a showdown between Srs. Oz and Morgan, is my favorite. Let's all give a big round of applause to our top Mitch/Jamie shipper, Max ("I take it you're back together with my son?" I am impressed he managed to hold that in all the way to nightfall, honestly)

  • I'm gonna assume, based on their easy banter here, that he and Jamie stayed on good speaking terms and he had a valid reason for snaking (pun intended) custody. Though I am gonna need to know a) why he uses the phrase 'back' together, because I have a lot of witnesses to attest to the fact that they have no concrete evidence of a relationship on the books prior to this year, and b) again, why they could not legit have been together in S2.

  • Just assume I loved every second of Mitch complaining at Max, and Max being entirely "lol this is great, what a fun time with my son, listen to my boy snark" in response.

  • MITCH SNARKING ABOUT THE V. ROMANTIC PLACES JAMIE HAS TAKEN HIM SO FAR. (now stop me before I spiral into my QuickSad place with all the headcanon I came up with in 2015 about where I saw them going on vacation)

  • Anyway, speaking of zany animal chases, the giant invisible snake is my new favorite hybrid. (I don't know what to do with Jamie's Dragonslayer move of stabbing herself out of it after being swallowed. I've called this show insane so many times it has lost all meaning.)

  • "Jamie is the person I trust most” asdkl;fajsdl;afjsdklfjasd. I mean, he says this and kinda fails at showing it, but I like hearing it out loud as confirmation of his thoughts. [edit: and actually, I guess fear of losing that person would be a big motivator in not wanting to risk the possibility yet. Peace with ending, made.]

  • I'm not sure how to feel about the last scene given that Mitch didn't get a word in edgewise and all of his faces were Sad Regretful Puppy faces, but I think how Jamie handled it, finding the perfect blend of confrontation, sympathy and consequences, might be my favorite thing she's done all season. I spoiled myself on ahead of time on him injecting her with the amnesia tranq, and honestly all I feel is sympathy that all of this is so far beyond Mitch's control* and he's backed into a corner scrambling to contain the situation on his own, maybe do less damage if has at least an idea of a solution before he presents the problem. I'm assuming it's not going to go well for him, but I can appreciate why he tries.

  • **poor Mitch. All he wants to do is just hole up somewhere in peace and quiet with his girlfriend for a while and the world is like, "Don't you dream impossible things!" And yes I just worked a Taylor Swift lyric in there, minus a question mark to completely alter its context.

Other Stuff

  • I think we all know, at this point, who I am rooting for in a knock-down fistfight between Abigail and Clementine. In related news, I better not hear a peep from the latter against the former doing what any mother would do to rescue her (creepy, horrifying nightmare) baby.

  • I did enjoy all of Mitch's wonderful, irrational "no tank! tank bad!" responses to the proposed treatment for Clem's baby. I told you being unbearably emotional about his daughter was his best attribute. And his general expression watching her go into the tank is a lot of what I was missing last episode.

  • Also awww @ giving her that last tiny reassuring smile as the last thing she sees before the tank does its job.

  • Jackson taking up the Big Bro / Uncle reins around Clementine is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Helping fix stuff at which he is woefully under-qualified and taking her sass! Opening up about heartbreak! Tracking down baby daddies! THIS IS THE BEST. Can this show just be all Mitch and Jamie doing Action/Adventure Stuff while Jackson and Clementine hold down the fort, provide backup and bond.

  • So is Sam really the baby daddy or not? Because I gotta tell ya, I was not whelmed by his short-lived face, and as much as I would love very much for Clem's baby to be raised with the help of the village, I would also secretly like to be dazzled by the Knight Of Magic Spermatozoa. Also, if Clem really did sneak off in the middle of the night, I have another demerit waiting for her steadily worsening permanent record/

  • Worst part of episode: I officially have zero patience left for the Kenyatta Family Drama Hour. Dismissed.

  • P.S. GOOD NEWS: I went to bed frustrated and puzzling over the fact that I still couldn't understand the season 3 plot or how it connected to season 2, but my subconscious must have worked on it all night because I literally woke up this morning and went, in awe, "I Understand." I mean, not entirely or enough to be brave enough to say it out loud, even for the purpose of having people check my work, but enough to not feel rage at how boring the show is anymore. Whereas last year the episodes would fly by, this is the first episode since, like, 3x02 that didn't feel like it took 900 years to finish.

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