RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Zoo 3x09

Quick hits 'cause this one's heavy on the exposition and plot advancement, and neither Logan nor the IADG has gotten any more interesting.

Let me just go curl up over here and weep for joy at how the first word out of Jamie's mouth upon waking up is "Mitch," followed two seconds later by the horrified memory, "I hurt him." Also, HER FACE at Mitch being gone and possibly dead or at least lost to them for real this time. That's it, that's the Jamie I need.

And praise this episode for showing me exactly how she went nuts, but this time giving me the ability to fully understand it. Her primal rage while taking a knife to a Shepherd's throat made a lot more sense than her stabbing Mansfield in the hand. The laser focus on finding him fueled by open grief and rage like there must have been in the early days, before she learned how to harness and control it...yeah, season 3 is going to be much easier to rewatch now with this in mind.

Sexy!Evil!Terminator!Mitch is still enjoyable in context; I love everything about Max and Jackson being all WTFJAMIE as she walks out to face him, her hella brave confidence in counting 17 rounds (and/or her hella sweetly stupid belief that he wouldn't pull the trigger even if she miscounted), and her kung fu knockout skills (will next episode be the one where she stops kicking his ass? who knows).  I have spoiled myself a tad on episode 10 so I know why she doesn't switch him back, but as much as I wish we had gotten a waking-up scene here, I still think it's interesting for the storyline.

&Other Hearts
Max + Taking Care Of Jamie = Aces

Re: advising Abraham about leaving messages: I see Max's Love Doctor skills are not limited to Mitch and Jamie anymore... Nice.

Jackson's face lighting up when he sees (assumed to be) Mitch. And STILL trying to reach him through talk therapy. I'm uh...I'm gonna go over here and think about this in an Animorphs context, because this is some real Yeerk behavior and it would just be even more wrenching if Mitch's consciousness were not disconnected, merely disabled.

Also, finally getting one over on Abigail and genuinely throwing her off her game was great. I guess Abby's got abandonment issues to match his survivor's-guilt ones. I love these poor screwed up children so much. (though the whole managing-to-make-Jackson-blame-himself-for-unintentionally-creating-an-orphan-while-TRYING-TO-ESCAPE-PEOPLE-WHO-TRIED-TO-HAVE-HIM-EATEN keeps my sympathy firmly suppressed, even before she tries to strangle him to death)

The joy of everyone (finally) coming to Jackson's rescue, and him doing the most believable job of sounding like someone who's actually been conked on the head, knowing he has important stuff to say but it all coming out kind of dazed and confused.

So this the real Sam Parker! I am more whelmed by his face than the other guy's (p.s. who the hell was he and why did Abigail kill him?), but not all the way there yet. Though I do feel sorry for him being raised and brainwashed by the antithesis of Jamie.  More thoughts on him later, since I've cheated a lil' bit and skipped my knowledge of him ahead and I don't remember anything else about my first impressions.

(I had to skip most of the plane scenes with him because needles in the inner arm are my most prevalent body horror, but I hope he changed his mistrustful tune immediately upon meeting Abraham, because I don't know how anyone could spend two minutes with that man and not be immediately calmed and reassured by his soothing voice.)

And a question, or five: HOLD UP how is Abigail a hybrid? Hybrid WHAT? Hybrid created HOW and WHY?(p.s. DIDN'T I SAY at the beginning of the season that I felt strongly that part-human hybrids would come into play?? Whatever, this counts.)
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