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You believe what you see, all the things that you know / But oh, you don't know the depth of my soul

I was a terrible person who accidentally ruined the whole episode for myself by seeing the shock ending before the plot, after tearing the ep apart in search of Mitch/Jamie after someone (YouTube) made an irresponsibly irresistible thumbnail for a certain sneak peek and someone else (me) didn't have the sense to stay off YouTube while signed in. Hopefully this is the last chance I have to ruin things for myself, though!

Zoo 3x10

FIRST OF ALL: this is my new favorite kiss scene of the season, between his shaky “Are we alive?” and her sweet reassurances and the perfect length of the second one with both of his hands on her face, again. How many times have I watched it? 87? That feels like a conservative estimate.

Second of all, I am having a lot of feelings about this:

“It’s happened before. We fight, we put our lives on the line, and then we show mercy. And it bites us in the ass every single time. Jackson’s a great guy. He has a huge heart. But it’s putting us all at risk.”

On the one hand, I love this speech being juxtaposed with an illustration of Jackson doing exactly that even as she speaks.

But also, Zoo, why you gotta constantly pit my babies against each other this way. I hate it. I can’t believe I am siding with Darkside Jamie over Jackson “Big Ass Heart” Oz, because I so love his refusal to stop believing in the good, but I just cannot justify it any longer, and I wish it did not have to be an all or nothing situation between them. WORK TOGETHER GDI. I am two steps away from signing off on Mitch’s death warrant if it would somehow push them together;please do not test my insane claims

.Team Terminator, Continued

-“Was it part of your plan to make this not look like blatant murder?”

That is some Mitch-quality snark you’ve got there, Mr. Duncan. Didn’t know you had it in you. …oh god, Self, now why would you take it to a kinkmeme place off the faintest idea that Duncan is not entirely like robot AI + Jamie carrying an all-controlling clicker. You stop that right now. Go feel shame.

-Round 2 of my OTP beating each other up, still oddly satisfying. (and I really cannot even imagine what Max thinks he is looking at re: Mitch and Jamie rolling around on the floor, although their identical expressions when they freeze in place at being interrupted are hysterical)

I feel like I should have more feelings/opinions on this plot, but I’m tired, so suffice to say it was exciting to watch and I especially liked Duncan’s Absolutely Not Playing Around threat to kill Mitch to get Jamie in line, exploiting the flaws of a too-human heart.

Bits & Bobs

  • Pizza has a starring role looking extra adorable while being petted by Isaac in this episode. I think some plot stuff was happening with Dariela during this time, but that is sure not the part I focused on.

  • Spoiler alert: Dariela does not make the IADG any more interesting. But the egg nests do make Logan's plot more gross.

  • I love everyone's "STOP BEING FASCINATED BY STUFF, MAX" exasperation.

  • Basically, Max is the best all the time and always. 4th favorite living character right now.

  • "10 seconds ago you told me that you left me a treat, do you remember what you were talking about?" / "...does that sound like something I would ever say?" I'm glad the little personality clicker is destroyed (I sure HOPE that means Duncan is gone for good), but ngl, I will kind of miss the Mitch-snapping-back-to-consciousness moments.

  • Poor baby ghost snake getting cut in half just because it's too young to know what food is. :(

  • Ah yes, the magically accelerated pregnancy. Another fine hallmark of sci-fi, especially the limited run kind.

AU Doomsday
Sending us on a spiral through a world of goodbyes

Beyond its immediate WTFPOLARBEAR!! effect on people like me and my mom, who have been in the dark world without either promotional stills or "next time on Zoo" previews, this final montage is such an amazing piece of filmwork. I love her dreamy, unfocused stare into the distance as she stumbles her way out of the plane, leaving a trail of carnage in her wake.

The music reminds me so much of something they'd play over the unsettling teaser of a crime show I did at least three minutes of actual research to determine it is Depth of my Soul by Theivery Corporation ft. Shana Halligan. All of its lyrics are so eerie I had trouble choosing my fave; the entire song could describe Abigail's character motivations. High fifty, show!

I'm also pretty sure we just saw how Zoo ends in The Darkest Timeline (secretly, I love when shows give me footage like that -- grimdark stuff I love to explore in fanfic where it’s safe, but if you can have your cake and eat it too by actually seeing and then undoing it, so much the better).

Reality Filter: I'm unclear why Abigail shoots them all in the stomach instead of the head, or even the heart, if she wants them properly dispatched. Does she just relish the thought of them all dying slowly, or is she specifically not trying to kill them, or is she so focused on getting where she's going that she's merely trying to clear obstacles in her path? I'd pick the latter except that she seemed pretty specific about looking for Mitch/Duncan.

It makes for a really cool dramatic effect to watch them all collapse in the same way, one after another like falling geese in an Oregon Trail hunting game*, but I'm having such a hard time matching the placement of the wounds to their immediate effect that for a while I had a theory that she'd shot them not with bullets, but some kind of pellets incubating hybrid seed/eggs/spores that would later burst forth from their bodies. At least match a crime drama's level of realism.

* I absolutely dared myself to write that in and keep going with a perfectly straight face, just to see if I could get anyone else to read it the same way or if you would all crack up at its ludicrous visuals.


(just...gotta entirely punch out work by 6:00 within one of the next 3 nights to have time for it)

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