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And oh, my god, I feel it in the air it looks even better than I dreamed it would be.

Partly because I don't remember how this boy at the beginning fits in but I immediately want to know more about him, but mostly because of the reasons I originally came for this movie. I can't tell if they're gunning for a legitimate age-mismatched friendship (projects like this rarely are and all "troubled teen" signs point to no), or a wrongbad hookup place (but with FEELINGS), or if they are gonna try and ultimately sell it as a romance (which feels unlikely for the scope of an indie-ish movie), or something I haven't even thought of yet but I don't care. Now that I have seen the glory, I will take absolutely anything they got, anything, give it to me, I will pay real dollars (up to eighteen of them -- I will order a DVD if I have to) to see this the second you make it possible for me to do so from my hometown.

I hope this movie goes with the "teen mistakes Caring for Romance" trope where feelings tend to get hurt, because it's deliciously messy . Of course my secret fave is when the teen isn't entirely wrong, but the adult won't admit it because it's tricky territory, pulling off a Mr. Knightley correctly, and the truth is that there's a thin border between Caring and Romance and sometimes it is not even apparent when you've crossed it. But I'm not quite sure that's the angle here. I changed my mind about what the trailer is trying to establish vs. deceive me about at least six times, and I don't want to decide for sure so that I can't be led down a road of disappointment (I also don't want anyone to tell me ahead of time), but I am so excited to find out.

(when will its official release date return from the war)

A List Of Highlights And General Things I Am Flaily About From 3 Minutes So Far:
[gonna hide this from myself so that the move will be refreshed by the time I see it]-As previously mentioned, everything regarding Craig
-The messy mother/daugther relationship
-Whatever relationship there is between Wes and...Veronica, is it? I know that face. Some Concern is about to happen.
-The casual offering of a safe place to retreat to. There goes another fave trope!
-"You're living with Wes?" Hah!
-Extremely fetching beard and ensemble outfit you're sporting for this film, sir.
-The dancing! In a way that falls firmly in the friendship zone of my ship radar
-"I've done nothing BUT defend you!"
-Lil' tangle with law enforcement, huh? Yeah, that's usually fun to mix with this set of tropes.
-MUSIC. Between that song and the whole plot of her apparently being a musician? OK bring it

-Unexpected kiss -- up to that point, I was 100% sure this was a father figure/friendship scenario -- and the promisingly negative split second reaction

-"I see the way you look at her" See, that looks like it's being spoken by a jealous and unreliable narrator, given his reaction, but I am not gonna rule out the possibility of it being something he hasn't realized

--The ending comments about how rare genuine friendship is make me more confident in the possibility of Teen Mistakes Caring For Romance, because Craig is a factor and I have pretty low odds on this movie sending nobody home in a couple, but I also have longshot odds on the possibility that this movie's title is meant to emphasize that its ultimate message really is The Power of Friendship and doing exactly that, at least where her character is concerned, and ending with an OTP of Girl/Her Future.

-HANDHOLD. See also previous statements about romantic and platonic squee overlapping by 90% on my squee radar

Dangit! I was gonna devote my night to Zoo, which is gonna need at least two nights of flailing to process and who knows what tomorrow will do to me work-wise, but now I'm all a-tizzy about this. I also really badly want to listen to the full version of the song in the trailer, but it doesn't appear to be released yet either.
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