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Today is gonna be the day that I fall right back in love with Zoo

Maybe you didn’t know I ever technically fell out of love with Zoo. But somewhere along the way I can tell I lost that lovin’ feeling, because episode 11 just happened in a whoosh of overwhelming FEELINGS!!! and euphoria. I have already watched it twice and am gonna go for a third tomorrow with my parents. I can't get over how incredible everything was, even the thing I wish had not happened, because it was executed so well.

This is the gale force strength of emotion normally reserved for the 2-episode punch that I never get around to writing about properly. And maybe it’s just because I finally wasn’t spoiled, since it looks like I may be in the minority reaction, but right now my heart feels like it could fair burst with adoration and satisfaction because that was at least 95% Quality Content. I haven't seen quality content that dense since I don't even know when. Probably season 1.

(this is incredibly inconvenient timing, since I have spent all season thinking I would be chill if it didn’t get renewed this time, and now I’m abjectly terrified by the possibility of there being only 2 more episodes ever…)

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