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If it is possible to ruin a movie for yourself through trailer overplay, I am doing it with Good After Bad/More Than Enough. It's halfway to memorized now that I've watched it about 8 times. I'm especially concerned that I'm getting too used to the blend of a capella and the studio recorded version of that lovely song -- which appears to be as original as the movie, and therefore just as unreleased -- which is frustrating because I'm afraid that when the song is finally released in proper, it'll sound off. Ugh. I have not been this obsessed with unknown since those dark couple of months in season 7 when CSI: NY hid Paganini Rocks. I fear this might take longer.

Stupid movie doesn't even have anything remotely resembling an official release date. I cannot get this attached. For all I know it'll be another two years until this comes to pass. Which I guess means I can put it in a head-to-head race with "The Relationtrip" and see which obscure tortoise makes it to official release first.

In other news: after one year off, I am back in a full-on Revolution spiral I 100% do not have time for. I am trying to ignore it, but it's been taking up to two hours of my day lately, so that's getting more difficult. I have found a lot of fic I want to talk about and some new meta here and there that I desperately want to break down, but I can't; I've got too much Zoo work (and, ya know, actual work) to deal with -- two more weeks and you can do all the Reveling you want, self, COME ON. But I love that this would make my fourth fall back into a series that at this point might have actually become one of my favorite shows of all time.

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