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So I have these ER DVDs out of the library, right, and THERE IS A DELETED SCENE FROM "COMING HOME" WITH TONY AND SARAH.

TEN YEARS ON AND I HAVE NEW TONY + SARAH. Like 90 full seconds. I don't know what to do with myself; they're in the stable and she's showing him one of the horses and they're talking about her behavior and like, even if this wasn't a test-your-headcanon situation it would be the greatest thing in the world. If I had known about it while writing Someone Else's Dream, I might have emphasized the "I had to make them not want me" aspect a little more -- I alluded to it, but I definitely could have thrown in another thing or two, maybe something to reference her talking back or other deliberate misbehavior to piss off her grandparents -- but I still think I nailed the "that wasn't me" aspect.
Also speaking of joy I am reliving, I checked Vanish out of the library to take the edge off my impatience that after 6 weeks I am still waiting for the new Rizzoli & Isles book at the library, and holy crap it is even mushier and more loaded with shipper fanservice than I remember, and I remember it being amazing. Tess. Why have you never again attained such greatness. (I also accidentally reread half of it because that's how fast the mystery/casefile sucks you in, proving I was not blinded by shipping enthusiasm when I gave it 5 stars)

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