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I've decided to watch Zoo live, even though there are 67 reasons this is a bad idea, including but not limited to: work is due at 10, I am behind on it and not sure all my contacts are in place, I am already on a sleep deficit because my dumb ass went hog wild with fandom talk on Tumblr last night well beyond the 4 hour limit I tried to impose on myself, I gotta run off to dog-sit ASAP tomorrow which means I have to finish even the post-deadline contact work before noon or preferably 10-11, and can't crash until 5 PM at the earliest, and I still need to shower for tomorrow. And mostly, because the second I watch it I know that no matter what I promise myself, I am gonna abandon work and go straight into a 4-hour hysteria spiral until I fall asleep in my chair, and then I'm gonna have to wrench myself up no later than 6, or work is gonna be late.

But I am a nervous wreck and I just, I can't wait. Even if it's the last forever. I need to know. Now.

Give me my ship and let them be happy. Resolve the series if you can. But please, please let my ship ride off into the sunset. Pull off the possimpible. Be the Revolution finale redux I want to see in the world.

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