RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

*looks around*

OK. I currently have 8-10 DVD sets out from the library, books. (except for Vanish, which I'm not reading chronologically enough to count as a reread, but I am picking it up every night and marinating my brain in the shipper scenes and, well, basically everything that is not Maura Isles alone)

Zero books on my TBR. [except R&I number 12, which is ALL I want right now, but I either gotta wait 8-10 more weeks for it, or I gotta find 3 hours I can spend at the library reading the rental copy in a cheating way]

Heavens, this will not stand. I know I've been very busy with Zoo and other Billy Burke Projects, but I can't just go around having nothing I want to read. Come on. You have a whole to-read shelf on GR, if nothing else. Get your head in the game and come up with some ideas. (Ideas I have already shot down: Little Women, which was all I wanted to read a few months ago but had 20 books with more pressing deadlines, and now the fire to tackle so many hundred pages is out again.)

  • I have 3 Lynn Hall books slooowly on their way in from ILL, but they're all short enough I'm not counting them on the reading list

  • Blue Willow, because I'd like to jog my childhood memory enough to review it on GR

  • Oh! FINALLY remembered which books I was going to check out of the other county library last week: After the End by Amy Plum, and This Is The Story Of You by Beth Kephart.

  • Rereads I Could Cast My Revolution Babies In: One Second After [edit: the MC's last name is Matherson are you KIDDING me, tuna; I feel like I remember him being more straightlaced than Miles could ever be but also, shut up! I read this a year before Revolution premiered and it definitely led directly to my interest in the show, and I am pretty sure I need to get my hands on it again.] [edit number 2: oh my god you know what now exists that didn't when I read this novel; that's right, SEQUELS. Two of them. I should probably get the jump on this before something knocks Revolution out of center stage again.]

  • [edit 2: hahahaha okay, first of all, book 2 basically looks like a Patriots plot, and lemme just look at this summary from book 3?: The man sent to confront John is General Bob Scales, John’s old commanding officer and closest friend from prewar days. So, aside from the CO part, basically Monroe, amiright? THIS IS HAPPENING]

Tags: to the library!

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