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Past Me, your review collection is a gift.

Without fail: anytime I wanna revisit an old show on DVD, my old reviews are a personalized guide of What To Watch. I would be floundering through ER without them; I have so little patience for the patients right now that I'm actually questioning how I even watched 3+ seasons as they aired. But thank heavens I did, because these reviews tell me exactly which episodes to spin through for highlights, and specifically what highlight content I can expect to find.

I took out season 15 last night because it has Simon Brenner, who was The Worst when it was airing, but since that time, David Lyons has grown near and dear to my heart courtesy of Revolution, and that makes me very primed to review epiosde 15x08.

In which I said:
Me: "Oh, forget it, show.  I don't care how much you make Simon Brenner sniffle and cry about being molested as a kid, I still don't care.  It didn't change my mind about Ricky on 'Seret Life of the American Teenager,' and it sure as hell isn't going to work for this far more arrogant ass.'
2 minutes later: ...seriously, no.  Not going to happen.
2 more minutes later: ARGH.  FINE.  YOU WIN.  I cracked under the pressure of his tears, shed one of my own, and now have an overwhelming urge to give him a hug.

And that is pretty much how it happened to me again, except this time I was floored immediately. Amazing! This monologue is at least 4 minutes long* and it only gets tearier and more exceptional.

*intercut with Creepy Current Pedophile Footage, a conversation that is so skin-crawlingly sinister in its technical innocence that at some point I just started making a loud alarm noise of pure horror

(Also, hey Morris bearing witness in the background; I had completely forgotten you were in the scene, but: A+ on your face)
Also, quick side note on 15x09: I came for this because this is one of the rare shiny episodes this year with worthwhile Tony & Sarah, but honestly, this time around I am way less interested in that drama than in Banfield rocking up a snowbound conference room stage and getting the crowd going with her rendition of "I Love Rock & Roll." NEW FAVE.

Lastly, in a very convoluted way, this train of thought led me to Shiri Appleby's IMDB, where I was intrigued by a 1980s show title of "The Bronx Zoo," which turns out to be about a ghetto high school and not an actual zoo, but: it looks terrible and amazing and I want a time machine so I can experience it on TV right now. Short-lived or not, how is something with Ed Asner something I've never even heard of?
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