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My reason to be (a fan of The) Brave

I passionately hate shows that can't control their wild volume fluctuations, and Anne Heche is not a draw on the best of days (is it too late to hire Marg Helgenberger to basically reprise her role from Intelligence?). Honestly, I really don't like anyone on the ops side of things yet except the man currently still best known to me as Dr. Gurgler of The Mindy Project. (though I am hoping I warm up to the other woman once I hear more about how she got carved up and left for dead)

But. From five seconds of Mike Vogel footage I let out an immediate whistle, the rest of his team rather immediately piqued my interest,* AND THEN THERE WAS A DOG. I went from "eh, maybe I will be able to not fall in love with this show after all" for a few minutes to being completely rapt with attention and staring with eyes like saucers, on the edge of my seat, as this entire amazing feel-good, hostage-rescuing, that's-why-we-call-soldiers-heroes plot full of warm fuzzies. Before today I was sure Seal Team was gonna win the Core Four War of Hot Uniformed Men in my heart this season, but now I'm thinkin' they're all gonna have trouble taking down this stellar champ.

*After Captain Barbie or whatever his real name on this show is that I haven't learned yet because this is just straight up Dale Barbra so far, Preach won my heart first but Jaz was an immediate second and is poised to overtake him. Amir rolled in third following his extreme undercover skillz and willingness to endure great bodily harm to pull things off, and so far the only one I would like to meet an IED ASAP is the smart-mouthed cocksure jackass.

I cannot believe this show faces off against Scorpion. I only need like 6 of the 18 hours of primetime TV hours available each week to cover all my important bases, and you're out here timeslot-clashing.

But on the bright side, even though I'm annoyed that this feels like the end of this year's Billy Burke Season (rude. it was only here for like a month this time), I also kinda did not think that Vogel was ever gonna come back to the top of the mountain, and it's kind of nice to have his Stock Rugged American Hero visage in play again. For book casting purposes.
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