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And also when I start visiting the library too often. No, wait, that's not true at all. I am at the library all the time always. But it is a segue into me trying to get a handle on the truly ridic number of DVDs I have checked out right now so as to have all the footage I want at my fingertips, which so far include:

  • Rizzoli & Isles: 1-3

  • ER: 13-15

  • Doctor Who: season 3 (still haven't gotten around to watching the John Smith eps, but I will!)

  • Community: season 5 (I got a hankering to watch the Ass Crack Bandit episode. it...might be my favorite of the series)

  • Monk: season 2 (I am really scraping the library for everything it has that matches Billy Burke's resume)

  • Along Came A Spider (no patience for it as a whole, but according to that fanvid I found, there is some worthwhile footage in it)

  • Miracles From Heaven (I am 53 minutes in and it is amazing, fyi)

  • Moms' Night Out (picked up tonight because there was a preview for it on the above DVD, and HOLY COW LOOK AT MY FAVE WOMEN BEING STARS TOGETHER)

There would be more if I didn't have Revolution already here. Plus there are like, 11 books on top of that. But I've got the due dates so thoroughly staggered that I'm pretty sure I can manage to enjoy them all. In related news, I am physically incapable of remembering this many due dates, so it's a good thing I check my account like 5x a day to remind myself what all I'm working on.

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