RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Hey! Muse! You're alive!

And you want to write Harry Potter fic for the first time in your life? I THINK NOT.

You will remove that bunny from my sight immediately, and leave all the Tonks and Lupin stuff to the experts, mmkay? No, no, I don't care how badly you're envisioning a set of drabbles. I assure you other people have already covered all possible scenarios. 

V: But Muse says she's enraptured with the idea of Tonks guiltily beginning to almost look forward to full moons, because they're the one night she knows Remuse will be safe.
RS: RS says...first of all, Horatia is not getting a male companion named Remuse.  Second of all, might there not be the risk of people who come looking for him while he's in werewolf form, and unable to use a wand, or something?  I doubt it's totally safe.
V: Now look what you did, Muse is sulking in the basement. You could have at least pretended to like the little color-changing bunny...
RS: Okay, it was cute, but it's far too young and inexperienced.  I'm quite sure I have no hidden talent for writing Tonks *or* Lupin.

Anyway, while we were arguing about that, it occurred to me that I had that CSI Miami fic sitting around, two paragraphs from completion of part 2, which I'd been ignoring for weeks.  I opened it up, took a look at it, decided it was actually quite easy to finish up now, and did so.  Even got in a couple of good extra lines in the parts I thought were finished, which is always a plus.  I'm still not completely happy with this bit in the middle, but I don't feel like working on it anymore, so out it goes.  Maybe I'll even get a new story idea now that this is posted.

Title: Clockwork Silence - Ch. 2, Limbo
Characters: Eric
Word count: 1154
Spoilers: Let's just say through 5x15, "Man Down"
Summary: Calleigh he can visualize all too well, voice cool and fractured, and he knows later Speedle was heavy on their minds.
Tags: clockwork silence, csi: miami, fanfic, harry potter, ideas

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