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TV Thought Roundup

I. Time to tolerate an (ancient) episode of Monk ("And the TV Star").

I don't think I have ever sat through this show before, and there is a really good reason for that, but fortunately I was distracted from its title character's ultra-grating nature by the face I came here to see.

I assumed going in, given that he was the first-billed guest star, that ~Crime Lab SF's Brad Terry~ would also be the guilty party. But damned if I was going to let the show convince me of that until it dragged me under kicking and screaming. For a good 30 minutes I enjoyed the hell out of this charming, affable "sociopath," inviting civilians to cast parties and being pleasant to even delusional fans and whatnot, and refused to see anything but genuine distress in the beginning. I would 100% be the ex-wife getting myself lulled into a Surprise Stabbing Death, and I would regret nothing.

But only if I didn't first die laughing at this episode's solid CSI: Miami parodying, right down to the sunglasses. (oh no, no-no-no brain, do not start running CSIM scripts with him in mind. STOP THIS. I am doping you up on as much of his face as I can possibly manage, okay, stop looking for more the second the footage ends)

Though...the actual police department wasn't much better. Were they blinded by their love for Brad Terry -- as anyone with a human heart should be -- or are they always so bad at their jobs that they just accept the confession of a mentally unbalanced fan with no corroborating physical evidence, and also ignore the pretty big murder motive / probability that Terry hired a hitman?

Besides that, the only regular character I like is the Normal Person Counterbalance woman. I don't know if I have ever seen her before, but besides being a very good Voice of the Viewing Audience in this installment, she seems pretty delightful and the only reason I could potentially see sitting through another one. If I found a rerun on at 2 AM when I was desperate for TV and there was nothing else on and I couldn't use the computer.
2. Sometimes I think about the days before social media, and all the amazing daily footage we must have missed unless an editing team decided to preserve it for us on a gag reel. For example, when I start my day being delighted by this clip on Daniela Ruah's Instagram of ECO being a musical weirdo on set. Though honestly, Guy With A Lighter really steals the show.
3. Apparently Pauley Perrette is leaving NCIS at the end of the year. She has shown incredible dedication to this series + unbridled enthusiasm for her character, so I begrudge her this even less than I begrudged Michael Weatherly, but boy, I dont know if I can handle a world without Gibbs-and-Abby. Gibbs will be the only must-see hook left for me...though he is a pretty good hook.
[I am still watching the show even though it has not been mentioned here since...May? Progress report:]
(side note: I got myself so wrapped up in Feelings about the horse episode last spring that I spoiled myself on the penultimate instead of watching it straight, and that knocked so many more Feelings on top of me that I'm still stalled there, luxuriating in my riches)

4. I have a thing to say about Kevin Can Wait. Not the show proper, just the behind the scenes stuff. (although speaking of the show proper -- there are so many hideous Dude Comedies on CBS right now that I'm actually looking longingly in search of Man With A Plan. Where did it go? I know it's renewed...)

I have been following the saga of star Erin Hayes being replaced in favor of Leah Remini coming aboard full time since all the way back when it broke in...June? I didn't really think much of it except to feel bad for the actress losing a paycheck (also sorry, I am exactly the King of Queens fan this move was meant to attract). Then everyone wondered how they'd explain the character's absence, and after a few good theories were kicked around, the next news item was: we'll kill her off! Obvi.

I then sat back and watched them tie themselves in knots to justify their decision, which was actually pretty hilarious because there was no way to turn that wasn't going to result in backlash (and tbh, I get it; I too usually vote "tragic death" over "marriage dissolves for mundane reasons," and the only other way to explain a mom never being around in a show set largely at home would be to have a stupid running gag about it).

But my favorite response was this comment from "Jason" posted to TV Line, which I want to preserve forever in all its glory:

"That’s hilarious. The whole idea that they’re going this direction at all sort of nullifies the notion that this is being done with “dignity and respect”. When they conceptualized this, I’m sure they said, “Certainly no woman would ever leave a guy like Kevin. That would be absurd! The only clear and tasteful choice is to murder her.”
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