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I had Too Much Fun, and between that and general cramping, my body refuses to go to sleep despite the fact that my eyes, brain and muscles are all tired and have been for the past 3 hours. So I guess I might as well itemize what I've been doing with my evening since the last post.

I. All the special features from the NCIS: LA s.8 DVD, except for Remembering Miguel. dominicvail on Tumblr did such a great job liveblogging it that I don't really have anything new to say (which would be fine, if I had reblogged or remembered how to find literally any of her posts about it...), but watch me try.

1.I am SO UPSET we did not get our traditional Dani + ECO commentary track! Was it because you couldn't pick your fave Densi episode by the deadline? That is what I choose to believe.

2. At least we got the Barrett & Renee one. For Getaway. Which I haven't even talked about on here, but I blew my Tumblr up with UNFETTERED JOY about it, so the commentary track was beautiful*, and I loved learning that Renee had a Gilmore Girls fangirl moment over what's-her-face-who-played-Lane.
*I have a lot of favorite moments, but two of them are 1) It takes them like 8 minutes to actually reference the episode, they are so busy telling stories about themselves and each other, and 2) Barrett's "when is the part when we're onscreen? that's way more exciting," which -- I paraphrase, but also, took the words right out of my mouth (I still can't believe how much of this episode is not Core Four material, when those parts were so strong).

3. Every scene with Eric and Nell is one where they're in love, according to actor headcanon, so it is law

4. I will never get tired of Daniela telling everyone and their mother how much she loved the dancing episode (which I also haven't mentioned on here, but I loved it too).

5. I love everyone on this show both in front of and behind the scenes.

6. All of the deleted scenes are dull except a pretty decent Densi one in the penultimate episode. It's case-related and not crucial that we lost it, but there's a lil' darkness in how ruthless they're willing to be to find Michelle, even if it means potentially injuring an innocent restaurant owner by jumping to conclusions (which to Deeks' credit, he seems to feel bad about, while Kensi is just like We Don't Have Time For Emotions, with a rare little undercurrent of cold pragmatism that chills me in the best way).

7. In theory, I will also use this DVD set to kick-start myself into logging the old episode reviews I keep meaning to write, even in an abbreviated way, so I can start writing about the new season, but...


II. Chicago P.D., "Skin in the Game," which apparently had its title changed to "Some Friend": I watched this live on TV, so I never had the aid of a pause/rewind button before. Or a fast-forward button, which I made such liberal use of that I might have missed some of what I actually wanted to see, but my god, every guy's face is even more smug and punchable than I remember.

But you know what gets way better? The confession scene. On mute. BRB, gonna use this heartbroken/tearful footage about eight thousand different ways.

(also whoops I watched it not on mute again, and I honestly still cannot believe the outcome of that stupid, trusting, hopeful "so what's the plan? what do I say?" Lamb to slaughter. I also cannot believe Stupid Cap Man's takeaway is "I should have put him in jail years ago, and then she'd still be alive." Okay, but also if you hadn't picked at this so hard, maybe some underage girls would have gotten out of prostitution? So I mean... I'll go with "1 nice girl out of prostitution" over "ungrateful prostitute's life," full offense, cause she'd also still be alive if she weren't a thief. We can play this two ways.

I can't believe I am still getting upset over this when I know full well I am super-biased; but also, I HATE THIS SHOW and I am so proud of Sophia Bush for slamming the door behind her.)


III. Fracture: In case you haven't been paying attention, I am steadily working my way through as much of Billy Burke's IMDB resume as I can manage, and this is one of the things the library has.

Me 10 minutes in: I have literally no idea what's going on but I have never cared about that less or rooted for adultery more.

And I mean, as far as what I came for, I'm pretty satisfied. Lil' kissing, sweet words, panic over a dying lover, high-strung emotions of rage and punching toward the guy responsible...what else do I ask for, really.

The movie itself was not particularly captivating, but at least it toyed with my interest enough to finally care about the ending by the second half.
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