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TV Thought Roundup

Madam Secretary came back last night, and I have no idea when I watched this show last -- I assume in February, before night work started because I've never attempted to keep up through any other medium; I never did see how they handled Tim Daly breaking both legs at once -- but oh, man, I have missed it more than I knew. What a heady rush of Married Snuggling and other assorted domestic sweetness.

I even sort of was happy to see the title character's staff and all their idiosyncracies, even if I still don't know any of their names. The fact that the one woman is pregnant is brand new information to me and I have no idea who the father is supposed to be, but the more pertinent fact is that I could stop staring at her gorgeous dress.
Also I tried valiantly to suffer the pilot of Valor, but

oh my god, everyone except the guy I came for (Matt Barr) is so boring of face, and it suffers from its CW trappings in being too excessively sex-and-personal-drama-filled so far. There are elements of an intriguing season-long arc with the missing team members and conspiracy, but not enough to overcome the blandness + one of my least favorite tropes, Stubborn Mouthy Lady Demands Everyone Recognize She Is Just As Strong And Awesome As Men, And How Dare They Doubt Her. (Apparently this show's hook is that it's female-driven, and specifically by her? Yeah no thanx). This is the backwater channel I'm never on anyway, and I think I shall have no trouble leaving it in the dust and forgetting about it.
I'm officially relegating The Brave to "show I enjoy watching but don't write about unless strongly provoked" -- which means nothing, really, because I'm failing at reviewing everything -- but I would like to make the point that I have learned Captain Barbie's name is Adam Dalton, and bless you and your excellent naming choices on both counts.
Speaking of shows I'm failing at reviewing, I managed to come up with most of the words I wanted for 8x15-17 of NCIS: LA and, very belatedly, post them. (I have had reviews saved in drafts since literally March, I could just never pull the trigger on finishing)
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