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I love when icons I have dragged along for years surge gloriously back to contextual relevance!

During random browsing on Tumblr I found this gifset from the end of "Aliens in a Spaceship," which lit such an unexpected bonfire in my heart that I spent half an hour furiously trying to find my S2 DVD in order to relive this whole episode's magic. In vain. Fortunately, local library had it in stock, so off I went to collect it.

I forgot how much I adored Hodgins in this moment. I mean, he does a pretty magnificent job of crying throughout the episode, between the Compartment Syndrome* pain and the hopeless love confession -- and the post-rescue kissing is nice (even if the song clip did slam into my brain with overwhelming familiarity...I haven't played this clip in over 7 years but I played it so many dozen times when it was fresh and new that that lyric is burned into my memory banks) -- but this ending in action is even better than it looks in the gifset.

*nothing has ever given TV shows such a great excuse to play Plausible Field Surgery Without Anesthesia as this syndrome.

While at the library, it occurred to me that there was a Booth/Brennan bit from 5x01 i wanted to see as well, and the library happened to have that in stock too, so double score.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go re-solidfy my insides, which were not made to withstand "Shhh. I'll take care of you. I'm right here, I'm not going anywhere. I got you, baby." In related news, I've elected to casually ignore all canon to the contrary and just watch all their scenes with an Already Married filter. I still don't know how "baby" got out of Booth's mouth and I do not care.

(Also, I forgot that this episode ends with him blurting I love you in the most serious way before he backpedals and pretends he meant it in an 'attagirl' way, and if I am not careful I am gonna run with these rediscovered shipping winds all the way until I slam my head into the brick wall that is episode 100 and spiral into rage and hatred again)

That said, I can't resist peeking at a few more -- oh look, here's one with Parker! -- and I think my interest levels are once more high enough to make me want to add him to the casting list for novels. There are quite a lot of books looking for a Seeley Booth type. In fact, as of now he's my pinch hitter for One Second After if it turns out that book leans too far right to use Miles Matheson.

...or I'll just get lost down a rabbit hole of reading my old and long-ignored Bones reviews. The oldest ones go back to the fall of 2006, and that is a cringe fest of immaturity, but I'm enjoying myself back into season 4, at least.

Last but not least: I have requested season 8 because YouTube has shown me Something Shiny tagged with 8x15, and I would like very much to see it in context, because there are something like five years straight? of Booth/Brennan being in a canon relationship that I have heretofore shunned, and if I am this ecstatic about his face in 5x01, I very much look forward to cherry picking their mortal-peril moments out of that time period at my leisure.

Alternately: what if I just drowned myself in 3 minutes of context-free kisses, 90% of which I've never seen, that still only go up through season 8. (That would be stupid and overdose-y is what it would be, Self, please do not acutely poison yourself this way; you are Not Prepared).

2:28 AM: I can't believe I am so impatient for 8x15 that I can't wait 3 measly days for the DVD to get here and instead I'm just madly scraping all the fanvids for footage and voiceover quotes to get as much content out of it as I can, but actually, yes I can, that's how I roll. More thoughts after I see the episode in full, but right now, I'm pretty sure its existence validates 3 separate season renewals.

Tags: bones, shipping

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