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Let the B/B Shipping Tour (Part I) Commence

First of all, before I even get to the stuff I had written up, I got distracted by the fact that I apparently have no memory of where my own icon came from, because I am now just now recognizing it with sudden, strange familiarity as the "there's more than one kind of family" quote from Judas on a Pole. Good selection, Past Me! Also, while I was trying to determine the name of said episode, I found this awesome bit of meta in a comment about a different scene from that one, and Imma quote it here:
[Booth is a wonderful human being, basically.]You didn’t ask what Booth was thinking in this scene but I think he’s appalled. Because…who does this, right? Her brother and father are both leaving her in the dust and she’s weeping on a bench and for Seeley “Weight of the Universe” Booth, he’s gotta be thinking this is partly his fault because he’s the one who went out and found Russ and traced the dolphin charm and brought these SOBs back into her life.

(I’ve come to love Brennan’s family, but I’m just saying, at this point in season 2, it’s fair to say Booth isn’t too impressed with the Brennan Men.)

We’ve all talked a lot about Booth having decided early on that he was going to be the one person in Brennan’s life who did not desert her and we can debate on when he made that decision but for me it’s this scene here. He sees her father and brother driving away and is just resolved that he’ll never be just another man in her life who drove off into the sunset without her.

And at the risk of opening a s6 can of worms…I don’t think he ever did. Not even in season 6. I think he struggled very hard to find a compromise between being there for Brennan without damaging his relationship with Hannah and I think “the one you love the most isn’t going anywhere” was him assuring her that no matter what their relationship was/could have been/became at that point, he would always be there for her in any way he could.

I still don't have any other DVDs in hand, because I've been drowning in work and the library keeps closing before I can take a break for the day, so I've been scraping Tumblr and YouTube raw instead, and I've given up on pacing myself and I'm just giving in to the insane abandon that is HALF A SERIES OF CANON RELATIONSHIPPING ALL AT ONCE, NO CONTEXT, NO PLANNING, GO.

1. While I'm still hoping for some additional dialogue to delight me, at this point I'm pretty sure that 8x15 is better when prettily edited in fanvid form. Look at all these beautiful versions that, between them, have allowed me to see and/or hear what I think are all the best bits:
-if i only could
-In the Arms of the Angel (LITERALLY hahaha)
-High concept The Last Chime

2. I tried, I really did, to restrain myself because I know nothing about their family beyond the fact that they had a girl, but it only lasted 30 seconds before I broke my ropes, yelling, "NO I WANNA SEE THIS VID": Our Family. I didn't even know they had a second kid, and I definitely did not ever do the math to realize that this show lasted long enough for Christine to speak coherent language. She is precious.

3. I did not get even 15 minutes into my squee tour before I found a deleted scene to punch me in the face re: the end of season 10, where I guess at some ungodly point Booth started gambling again and got himself thrown out of the house? WTF, show. Was this still Hart's doing? It's been so long since I had to cuss out his name...

4. (Tumblr -- in this glorious, beautiful gifset waterfall of shippy riches -- makes it look like this was resolved quickly. I hope it was. Let me believe it.)

5. I found both proposals in short order. (Booth's is my preferred one because I am 17 times over women doing the proposing on my television shows, even though in this case I get why) I still haven't figured out what a serial killer could do to prevent them getting married for reasons Booth couldn't explain, or why, but I look forward to that reveal later on. I also look forward to Booth defending himself against Angela's hostility, as these quotes I'm scanning on various Wiki's indicate.

6. But I went to bed on That Bit from 6x22, because: listen, I will always be a grumpy curmudgeon about the generally terrible pacing/handling of the beginning of their canon relationship and I'm okay with that, but my curmudgeonliness has thus far managed to prevent me from actually recognizing that the footage from 6x22, as it stands, is an absolute feast for the ol' eyeballs, and I am presently unable to handle the fact that this show just -- just literally up and gave us the "I'm upset, plz lie down in bed with me and hold me while I cry into your shirt" trope of MY ACTUAL DREAMS.

7. UPDATE: !!! I wasn't even looking for fic, I was looking for the episode a specific quote came from, and I tripped face-first into an incredible B/B writer?? Nelliesbones by way of story A Streetcar Named Eventually, where the single chapter I read was enough to make me whoop and fly for the author page to verify it was not a fluke. Bless the fandom faction that has aged with me, and all its authors well over 30, for they keep the badfic at bay.

I haven't really...ever? Looked for or read Bones fic at all, outside of one or two stories. But this author is clearly magical, and I know she is magical because she just stitched up the aftermath of the M-rated missing scene in 6x22 I was literally just complaining about, and I...believe her. And I'm okay with it. Headcanon accepted, after 6+ years of stewing in bitter sauce.
But you know how I really know she's magical? Because my attention was caught by Per Aspera ad Astra, and after perusing the first chapter...this might actually make me tolerate the current state of X-Files canon enough to watch season 10.

I don't want to like this, but I am flabbergasted at my ability to suddenly see, maybe, why Scully would ever, ever have left.

It was burning him from the inside out, had turned the man she had fallen in love with into a shell of his former self. Consumed by his quest, Mulder had failed to notice that it was burning her as well.
She loved him, oh yes she did. Scully couldn't imagine a world where she didn't love Mulder anymore.
Love wasn't enough, not anymore. Tears pricked behind her eyelids as she imagined packing her suitcase. Bidding farewell, leaving their home, taking off her ring, moving on. How could she live without him? Scully didn't know. She only knew that she could not live with him anymore. Not like this.

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