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She has heels that walk all over you / She's a danger you're addicted to

(Fun fact: I have associated this song with Angela Montenegro as long as I've known it.)

Considering why I'm on this Bones revival tour in the first place, there's a pretty conspicuous absence of the counter-couple so far, and that's because I'm still debating if and when I'm going to let Hodgins and Angela come back into my heart. B/B may have been the ones who broke the show, but H/A scorched the earth pretty bad when they burned themselves down, and that part of my shipping center is still dead black.

I only just learned yesterday that they ended up with a second kid, which is pretty neat I guess, but it's gonna take a lot more S2 & S3 repeats to want new footage. Though I will say: remembering his multiple proposals, including the non-proposal she finally accepts, helps a lot. does this circa-2010 fanvid. Like a lot. Thaaaat's right. Lead me into it with no context or dialogue, but a lot of sweet moments from the early days I remember loving, once. And Nickelback music. :D

Admittedly, I have accidentally found a couple of late-series things while poking around for more Booth/Bones stuff, and am curious to know when he started calling her "Angie." It is pretty adorable. I also remember hearing about Hodgins' paralysis in one of the rare times news about this show made it to my brain this decade, but I can't remember if they decided to reverse it or not. The circumstances of that are one thing I am intrigued to find.

Aaaaand there's a season 6-centric video, and that's it, that's the necessary bridge that lets me bypass the Rage River of seasons 4-5 and find myself in peace and happiness and uninterrupted shippy delight. I am Primed for maximum DVD exposure.

[9pm: In which I get diverted off the side street and back onto the main drag again]
Also whoops, sidebar to go back to B/B because: Between the Raindrops. I can never quite fully love this song on its own, but I really dig it for shippy fanvids. It has such great crescendoes.

9:22: Suggested after the above: "let's hurt tonight."
Me: Oh man, let's. Give me all the pain, emotional and otherwise.

9:34: OK, I think I am finally about ready to infuse some chronology into this abstract world o' joy, so: hit me. Their Story; The End in the End, in all of its 12-minute glory (except for that pre-series garbage canon from ep. 100 that I refuse to accept).

(this also clears up a fair bit of confusion about things I have only been vaguely aware of happening at some point: her blonde hair and fugitive status, why they couldn't married, where that explosion hug came from...also oh hey, I'm just gonna go swoon and die of some kind of emotional overdose at that ending speech. That is gorgeous.)

This is definitely a lot to process, and now that I've had my tasting course I'm going to do my best to burn it out of memory so I can be surprised and delighted when I find the actual scenes on the DVDs...but at least I have a pretty good idea of what is coming now. Appetite: whet.
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