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One zoomin' trip to the library 15 minutes before close and I am now in posession of every season of Bones that exists, save for 7 and 12. Was it wise to check them all out on the same day, instead of staggering their due dates so that I will never be without one? Perhaps not. But the fact that I can now run merrily pell-mell to almost any episode that strikes my fancy for the next 1-3 weeks brings me endless delight.

...also whoops, I decided the clip I wanted most was Fugitive Blonde Brennan, and then I accidentally watched the entire season 8 premiere from beginning to end because it was just that fascinating / it has been so many years since I've seen an actual episode (Decided: Pelant > the Gormogon mess). And then I watched the entire second one, before I was diverted onto Sunday night TV and switched over to season 11 to start the skip-through process of hunting for highlight scenes during the commercials.

It is possible I spent a grand total of 5 hours wrapped up in television tonight, either in disc or live-TV form. I've taken a pretty merry tour through Hodgins/Angela in season 11 starting w/ the paralysis episode, which I thought (based on the spoilery interview I found earlier today) was going to be terrible for my blood pressure, but which actually turned out to be interesting and meaty conflict that shows almost never manage to do without basing it on a love triangle? Aside from my poor scarred eyes and the temporary meltdown I had when I landed smack in the middle of Angela kissing some random guy. (based on my lack of reading anything about him beforehand and context clues later, I think that was part of her dream? If it wasn't, it is now in my headcanon)

I would have liked to see more resolution to Hodgins trying to divorce her, though. The mutual tears were wonderful, but I definitely could have excised the Aubrey relationship stuff (it sounds good on paper but he has such a boring face) for words with them, or at least more than a handhold. I think I need to spin through the arc a couple more times to really form good words about it, but for now, suffice to say that I dig him being a Grade A Petulant Asshole about everything and poor Angela trying to be supportive and getting nowhere for so long that she starts wondering at what point self-preservation becomes more important.

That is not a question I think about very often, because my personal answer to this kind of situation is 98% "self-preservation is best never, suffering is a virtue and I will take myself down in a firestorm of undeserved self blame before I'll ever walk out," but they did such a good job that in this specific situation, I felt like I would have understood their relationship going a sadder way.

(from a character perspective. if the show had actually done it I would have rioted in the streets and called for TPTB's heads to get cozy with pikes.)

And then I bounced back for 8x15 (did I see all the best parts already from those YouTube vids? yes sir I did. I'm actually glad I encountered them that way; it gave me time to pore over and imagine their context better), a spin through the first four episodes of season 9 for Booth/Brennan + a stop off at 6x22 because there were a few words of dialogue absent from the clips (honestly it was better without them...but now I have options), and now I think I'm finally sated for the time being.

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