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B/B Shipping Tour Part II

My entire week has been spent escaping into Bones DVDs the second I can take a break from work. I am still drowning in the Sea of Moments. There is really no more profound joy than when you are granted unfettered access to so many quality new scenes that you can't keep track of all the hugs and kisses, let alone begin to count the number with the near-death experiences and family activities and other assorted joy added in. And when you've got a whole side-ship going on at the same time, it is is really just...nuts, in the best way. I can't imagine I am ever again going to find this large a stockpile, but I promise I am absolutely riding high on this one while it lasts.

I have made no secret of my displeasure at how this show kept getting renewed, long after I'd ordered it put down and while outliving so many favorites, but I am so glad the universe sneered at my demands and went "yeah no, this is for your own good. Someday this pain will be useful to you." I am also real glad that I held off these last few months until it was over and done with, because missing out on fandom squee in real time is a much smaller sacrifice than waiting a week in between episodes would have been. This way I didn't even have to wait more than a week for the final-season DVD. And speaking of which...

I keep whipping between the premiere and the finale because I can't remember which one I love more. The premiere has that fantastic Hodgins leg-pain throughline and Booth's "stop talking" hug, but of course the finale is All The Lovely Things post-bombing, and...I should probably wait and talk about the finale on its own merit (short version: that is the best series finale I have seen in an age).

I am pretty gleeful about the fact that both Karofsky and Azimio got guest starring spots this year, and that the former's also came with Bonus Ken Tanaka in a mini Glee reunion. (disorienting as it was to see Max Adler acting his age as a full fledged Adult)

I have massively come around on Aubrey and I am actually now pretty upset that he and TV's Most In-Demand Love Interest Lady apparently did not end up together even though she was in the series finale; what is wrong with you, what is that, they were Booth and Bones 2.0! I have seen almost nothing with them together, but I heard him say he Commits and in combination with his stellar babysitting skills, that was enough for me to get on board. You really should have killed Sweets years ago. Both because he needed to be dead ASAP, and because his replacement was just so stellar and not even 3 years was enough.

I haven't done too much else with this set yet, because I got briefly distracted by season 7, the last set to be cracked open. I started with the birth episode, which was about average levels of secondhand embarrassment as far as birth episodes go, but definitely not as bad as it could have been. Although I do call sanitized/romanticized-for-TV nonsense on Brennan lying on her back; I feel like if she was ready for a home birth, she probably had ideas of better birthing positions in mind. All of which I imagine would have suitably freaked Booth out.

That said, literally the entire "were you born in a barn? / YES" setup for their daughter's future is validated by the fact that they're being watched over by the most beautiful palomino horse. A+ set dressing, good job.

Also, this entire Booth-delivering-the-baby thing -- in less than ideal surroundings with no one else around -- is just the most gloriously indulgent fanfic setup I've ever seen and I am fine with that. "Look at us. We're a family," indeed.

P.S. I forgot how gross the dead bodies are on this show. Always. So. Uniformly. Gross.

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