RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I need to have a full on squee fit.

The season 9 finale firefight?? IS AMAZING?? Never have I ever been so wide-eyed-captivated by an endless volley of shots, return fire and explosives that I watched it multiple times (not least because you don't often see the hero taking realistic hits while otherwise beating the odds to gain the upper hand). And Brennan is such a BAMF I almost had to type out the whole acronym to fully express my joy. BLOWING BAD GUYS AWAY OUT OF NOWHERE TO SAVE HER HUSBAND.  PUMPING SEMI AUTOMATICS LIKE A SEASONED PRO. WHO IS THIS WOMAN AND CAN I MARRY HER.

Like, even before that, I was having a meltdown over Booth's hot-as-all-hell arsenal of assorted weaponry and explosive devices ("yes honey I keep secret C4 in the garage. calm down, it is totally fine until detonated") + full blown HoH "I will handle the death squad, you will take our daughter and run, I'm not asking, I'm telling" lecture, which I thought was so incredibly well done with Brennan backing down after mounting a fair but insufficient counterargument. (also, also! I love her "I hate you for this" response, and him not letting her walk away without saying he loves her, and her returning for that kiss because they both know the worst could happen; my fingers are never gonna uncurl)

But her subsequent return and proof that he does need her, awwww yeah. (My fave parent trope is the one where Mom refuses to stand by just to make sure their child isn't an orphan, and instead leaves the baby in good hands and runs back to help her partner.)

I love that she still isn't superwoman, that she gets in a couple of good shots and then freezes in shock when her ammo runs out, and pays for her hesitation by getting kicked across the room. I love that Booth has exactly enough strength left to protect her by taking the guy out via chillingly visceral neck snap, and then it's up to her to save him again. There are just so many levels of partnership going on here, I can't handle it.

And the ending! (Including the fact that we got half the ending in the beginning, which is the only time in the history of EVER that starting in media res has been a good choice. So much superb panic.)

Between begging him not to die, the waiting room + surgery montage (and of course he crashed on the table. I lost track of how many bullets he was riddled with), her sweet painful naivete when she thinks the Suits are there for his protection, Booth waking up to the worst circumstances anyone has ever woken up to in a hospital, her literally being dragged out kicking and screaming...



I have never seen or heard anything about this one, and I had no idea there was such a complex and genuine conspiracy going on. I mean, I vaguely knew about the season 10 premiere, but I have always reacted pretty negatively to the idea that Booth had to miss another three months of his very young daughter's life and consequently tried to blow past the whole jail thing without acknowledging its existence, so I never actually knew why he was there. If you're gonna do the worst thing, you might as well go as big as you can in the process, I guess. Jail approved.

More flail about that one coming soon; I gotta go watch my fave parts of this one 18 more times.

Having dipped into season 7 between my first viewing and this post, though, I do feel a lot sadder about the house being destroyed now that I've seen how they came by it. :(

Tags: bones, feelings explosion

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