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Today's project is called "Author Bucket List: Lynn Hall Edition." There are a handful of successful animal-book authors whose work I loved as a kid, but since much of it was written before I was born, the libraries didn't have everything, and now -- like uncovering lost episodes of a beloved TV show -- one of my lifelong quests is to find their complete canon.

Hall is, so far, the most prolific, with over 70 titles to track down (discounting 7 series chapter books I have no interest in). The ultimate goal is to own all the ones I like, which I expect to be most of them since the worst I have ever felt about one so far is "neutral," but in the meantime, even ordering them via ILL to read is a special occasion.

And that's the story of how I spent last night sorting all of her books (courtesy of this site w/ covers & summary links better than Goodreads offers for her work) and being delighted by how many treasures of hers have yet to be uncovered.

EDIT: anything in green has happened since the original publication of this post

Last update: July 2019

Owned (aka ACHIEVEMENT!)
(side note: upon writing this list, I realize that I haven't read most of this category in so long that I have pretty much forgotten what happens in half of them, which I have marked with a star)

* A Horse Called Dragon aka Wild Mustang
* New Day for Dragon
* Dragon Defiant
* Dragon's Delight
Danger Dog (1986)
* Flying Changes (1991)
Gently Touch the Milkweed (1970) -- ironically one of the few I'd be fine not owning, though I am too stubborn to give it up
Just One Friend (1985)
* Letting Go (1987) (have not read at all)
* Megan's Mare (1983) aka The Problem Pony (have not read at all)
* Mrs. Portree's Pony (1986)
* Ride A Dark Horse (1987)
Siege of Silent Henry (1972)
The Mystery of the Lost and Found Hound (1979)
The Mystery of Pony Hollow (1978)
The Mystery of Pony Hollow Panda (1983)

Read & Want to Own
Danza! (1981)
Dog of the Bondi Castle (1979)
Dog Stories (1972)
Flowers of Anger (1976) -- I read this in high school but don't remember a thing
Halsey's Pride (1990) -- barely remember the plot of this either
Murder At the Spaniel Show (1988) -- see above
Riff, Remember (1973)
Shadows (1977)
Sticks and Stones (1972) -- I don't think I own this...do I? I read it back to  back with Siege of Silent Henry but I can't remember if I bought them together, or it was ILL and I bought the latter with Just One Friend, or if it was all 3 together.
The Giver (1985) - now owned
The Mystery of Plum Park Pony (1980)
The Secret of Stonehouse (1968)
The Shy Ones (1965)
The Something-Special Horse (1985) -- actually, skipping this; there is not a lot of joy in it.
The Whispered Horse (1979) -- reading list says I have read it; I don't remember a word
Nonfiction: Tazo and Me (1985)

Need To Find
A Killing Freeze (1988)
Barry, the Bravest St. Bernard (1973)
Bob, Watchdog of the River (1974)
Captain, Canada's Flying Pony (1975)
Decisions (1992, adult and self-published novel)
Denison's Daughter (1983)
Fair Maiden (1990)
Flash, Dog of Old Egypt (1973)
Flyaway (1987)
Ghost of the Great River Inn (1980)
Half the Battle (1982)
If Winter Comes (1986)
Murder in a Pig's Eye (1990)
Owney, the Post Office Dog (1977)
Ride A Wild Dream (1969)
Stray (1974)
The Boy in the Off-White Hat (1984) - now read
The Disappearing Grandad (1980)
The Famous Battle of Bravery Creek (1972)
The Haunting Of The Green Bird (1980)
The Horse Trader (1981)
The Leaving (1980) - now owned
The More I See of Men (1992, adult and self-published novel)
The Mysterious Moortown Bridge (1980)
The Mystery of the Caramel Cat (1981)
The Mystery of the Schoolhouse Dog (1979)
The Mystery of the Stubborn Old Man (1980)
The Solitary (1986)
The Soul of the Silver Dog (1992) -- now owned
The Tormentors (1990) -- now owned
Tin Can Tucker (1982) -- now owned
To Catch a Tartar aka Nobody's Dog
Too Near the Sun (1969)
Troublemaker (1974)
Uphill All the Way (1984)
Where Have All the Tigers Gone? (1989) -- now owned
Windsong (1992)

Nonfiction: Careers for Dog Lovers (1978)
Nonfiction: Dog Showing for Beginners (1994)
Nonfiction: Kids and Dog Shows (1975)

In related news, ["lynn hall" + lot"] is now a saved eBay search.


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Oct. 25th, 2017 03:31 pm (UTC)
That is a serious list :)
Oct. 26th, 2017 05:02 am (UTC)
Hah, indeed...but so fun! Like a never-ending treasure hunt. Besides, I have made pretty impressive progress on my Marguerite Henry Hardcovers collection over the past decade, so clearly a new and harder challenge was the answer.
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