RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Default mode for watching Seal Team: "ALL OF YOU ARE SO BORING. Get off the stage. Show me the star."

I get instantly aggravated every single time BrittaPerryLite (with ironically dark hair) rolls up to hand out directions -- I don't know why, but even her dangling nametag annoys me -- but the stupid manboy with daddy issues and a stalker hookup girlfriend outstrips her by being the most deathly boring slog of CW drama imaginable. I feel like every time I look up from my better pursuits, he is having irrelevant screen time. If you're not on a mission who cares.

There is literally no part of this I'm enjoying except for David Boreanaz (do I know his character name yet? nope) and his family. I refuse to quit (or wait for the DVD) because I am pretty addicted to the weekly hit of him and unwilling to miss a single line -- plus from what I can tell, the mission plots are pretty decent on paper, if only they weren't so hard to follow due to the cast suckage -- but oh, the process of getting it is driving me nuts.

Tags: seal team

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