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Spoils of a baby library sale

The worst thing my county has done since removing the MyList/Save Item option from the online catalog:
"The Friends have moved into our lovely location within the new library, however, we no longer have the storage space to keep and accumulate books for the semi-annual sales. We know that the book sales are very popular with our members and we are currently exploring storage and shipping options for possible future book sales."
[cut for time: 8700 words of ranting about how this space should have been one of the top five priorities when building the new library and why do you really need all new furniture just because you have a new house; how do I get hired to be in charge of their budget; etc.]

Ergo, they called this a "pop up" sale, composed of some library culls but mostly books that were donated within a month of the sale, which I overheard them say is their current experimental method for future sales. It was also held in the aforementioned stupid new library, which is way the hell on the opposite end of the county and takes a good 20 minutes to get there (even the freeway only cuts off maybe 5 minutes, and it adds 2 miles each way), but I hauled myself there despite exhaustion and was extremely annoyed to find almost nothing of value.

I walked around the entire sale space for 30 minutes, over and over, but there was nothing that jumped out at me. I ended up picking up a nonfiction 70s memoir about a couple who raised a pair of giraffes (Raising Daisy Rothschild), because it seemed like something I'd be unlikely to find elsewhere as well as interesting subject matter, but it's not exactly treasure. And I was very annoyed to find there were all of 2 vintage/classic pony books, but I already had one (The Crumb by Jean Slaughter Doty) and didn't love the other enough to own (Gift Horse by Betty Levin).

On the bright side, I was actually on my way out the door when I walked past the kids' section again and an ex-library juvenile wildlife novel that I am SURE was not there before set off my book radar with bells and whistles, so with a slightly less curmudgeonly face I picked up Assateague Deer and thanked the book fairies. Better yet, as I continued on my path out the door, I realized I had overlooked a lovely copy of Christina Baker Kline's popular Orphan Train, which I have been waiting to see swim my way. (I didn't think it would take too long, and at only 4.5 years post-publication, or 1.5 after I read it, I was right. By my standards of "long," anyway).

Speaking of Assateague Deer, it's written by a B.F. Beebe in 1965, and naturally, I am maddeningly curious to know if there is some relation to the famous Beebes of Misty of Chincoteague.

[Edit: I can't seem to find a clear link so I'm thinking it is only coincidence, but I did find an author page with the following: Burdetta Fay Johnson was born in Marshall, OK on Februrary 4, 1920. She attended schools in both Marshall, OK and Andover, OH. In 1961 she married James Ralph Johnson, who illustrated most of her books. They both loved hiking and the great outdoors, which inspired them to write juvenile books extolling the beauty of animals. Two of their books, Run, Light Buck, Run! and Coyote, Come Home were made into Disney TV specials. Johnson passed away on June 24, 1996.]

Other things I did yesterday: drag myself all over to two estate sales run by a company that I should know by now not to go to unless they are literally right here in town (and even then...). It's like they specialize in low end cleanout sales. 9 out of 10 times, even when I arrive on the first day everything looks picked over, the amount of items is always smaller than it seems like it should be for the size of the house, and it's almost never even interesting stuff to look at.

Note to self: only go to their sales if you see a specific thing you want in the photos or you want kitchenware or household stuff (cleaners, first-aid stuff, etc). They're good for getting basic supplies on the cheap. But not much else.
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