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SWAT: Pilot Impressions, and other stories

Usually I am too burned out on TV by November to add anything new, but since the shows I expected to watch last night were booted thanks to the World Series (and replaced with double Seal Team reruns, which...I can hardly imagine a show with less need to be seen twice in a 5-week span), I had a spare hour. Plus I have nothing to watch on Thursdays at all, and a 9pm slot is not even fillable with syndicated sitcoms, so it is very convenient.

First of all, who would take a god like Shemar Moore and name him Hondo? How am I meant to take that seriously? It doesn't even sound like a name. It sounds like a bastardization of "honcho," and vaguely sarcastic in use. Terrible naming, 0/10. [edit: his proper name is Daniel Harrelson. Perfectly quality! Why would you not use some form of that]

Everyone except him is pret-ty dull of face/personality and I care about them roughly as much as I care about the Seal Team cast, which is to say not at all. And Jay Harrington's omni-present Hey, It's That Guy-ness is beginning to bug me.

Rapidly tiring of the "one token female team member in a male-dominated profession" trope. If you're not gonna make it an even mix, just let me watch a bunch of fit guys have a traditional boys club. At least out in the field.

I feel zero feelings about the relationship except that it is an A+ excuse to admire his drool-worthy shirtless physique.

Terrible name aside, Fictionalized Shemar Moore / AU Derek Morgan is an awesome character, 9/10. (I subtracted a point for the awful back tattoo -- I can maybe overlook the one on the arm, but not both -- that really did a number on his otherwise fine form.  Speaking of: how the hell does this man pull off "bald" AND "heavily muscled torso" when those are such natural turn-offs? I do not know but I am grateful for this magic).

I was really interested in the plot the whole way through; it moved fast and I never got bored or looked at the clock. Logically, I suppose it's going to be a procedural, but it really felt like the start of a serialized drama, and that's hard for a procedural to manage. But it was very satisfyingly feel-good in terms of bad guys (and also "good guys" with crap attitudes) getting their comeuppance, which is a hallmark of a good procedural. I really enjoyed the emphasis on AU Derek Morgan's interpersonal/community connections, bolstered by the backstory of having grown up in the community and knowing it inside and out.

I know the upside list looks shorter, but that's just because I am worse at coming up with words for why I like things. It is definitely a good show. Nothing is gonna beat The Brave out of its lead position, but for the time being this has Seal Team whumped soundly in third. I'll be back.

Survivor: sucks that Ali's out -- and oh, how I loved her for blasting the gremlin in her exit interview -- but I will happily sacrifice her to ensure that Jessica and Cole will end up at Ponderosa together (I 100% want this more than I want to see either of them get to the end, honestly. This also means I hope they bounce out in quick succession, because then Ponderosa videos and the jury seats will eclipse the main show for me).

I rarely get this invested in showmances(that's probably a lie; I can't remember), but these two sweet, shy, blushing dorks are really my entire reason for watching the show at this point. They're just so damn cute. It's like watching a pair of puppies tumble around. And this week's super-minor Hurt/Comfort edition was just icing on the cake.

"I felt bad for him! I literally just wanted to hold him." I mean, you will get no argument from me.

"Just know that, as long as I'm not passed out on the ground, I'm here for you, and I care about you." Awww. That sounds like something my boyfriend would say. Kind of awkwardly worded but oh so earnest. *finger curls*

At one point Mr. Marine Cowboy mentioned they were going to "vote out Jess's boyfriend," and it was like I couldn't even hear the implied bad news for her game around my delight in the phrasing.

Forunately they didn't have to do that yet, because their tribe is awesome and managed to win despite being the last to have their near-complete puzzle fall apart and have to be restarted. Was it Jessica who figured out that you didn't need all the ropes to keep tension, so the person walking out with the block could drop their rope entirely and just focus on block placement? I feel like it was.

In unrelated news, I was reading an exit interview with Ali and it linked me to Simone's, and I am now 300% more certain than ever that my first impression of "can I be her best friend?" was the correct one.

1. "I just didn't want to be like this skinny, little b**chy Asian, so I was just like, 'OK, well there's really nothing I can do to change that except put on weight,' and then I became, like, this squishy, little Asian, and I was like, 'No! This was not the intention!'" she recalled. "Of course I pull up in the airport with everybody, and oh my god, this cast. Can you just look at them for a second, because this is like the best-looking group of people I have ever seen in my life," she declared. "It's insane, because I'm staring at all this eye candy, just thinking to myself, like, 'On the one hand, let me drink this all in, but on the other hand, man, I should have worked out. I'm done. I'm in trouble.'"

2. "Alan is so hot. Cole is so hot. Devon is so hot. Jessica is so hot. Desi is so hot. Ali is so hot. Like, there's so many good-looking people . . . I'm in a very committed relationship, but I was away from home, so it's fun to look at," she continued. "My boyfriend understands."
(fact: other than maybe Roark -- who admittedly looks mean when she isn't smiling -- she has correctly identified all the hot people and none of the wrong people. Good work! She would also be on that list of hot people, of course)

3. "I know [Ali] voted me out, but I can't even be mad at her, because have you seen her hair? I'm just glad someone exists out there that looks like her, because, oh my god, she is like, hair goals," she reasoned. "She doesn't smile that much, but when she does, she's a really sweet person. And she's a physical threat. I could see her dominating."

Also I did not watch Mom's premiere, but only because I'm so used to there being on nothing on Thursdays, and forgot about it. This feels like a good time to fess up to the fact that I have been -- eagerly -- putting on the 11pm hour reruns that have been added to my Comedy Syndication Station as of this fall, I was determined not to let it get to me, because all the promos made it look even sleazier than I remember, but damned if I have not missed the wacky / occasionally emotional adventures of Bonnie and Christy and the rest of the support group, and grown immediately attached again. I didn't bother to catch up at all after February, and am unsure if I dropped out before then, but even through chronology seems kind of important on this show, I find I'm okay having no idea when or what is going on sometimes.
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