RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

"I excel at nothing if not wasting time playing with book data" round 2

I already keep meticulous records (much easier now with Goodreads) of every book I read, including ratings and date finished along with a review. At the end of the year I like to run stats for male/female author division, copyright decade, etc. I note highlights via book survey. I create the Quilt of Many Covers. Last year I also made an annotated list of why I read each book (which I'm doing again this year because it's so freaking fun).

But now I'm over here all, "What OTHER data could I aggregate for my reading list??", and while for many years I have contemplated recording the physical location(s) in which I read each book, I have lit upon one that I like even better: where or how I first became aware of each book.

For more accurate analysis, I'll be excluding rereads from this notation, but I just think it's so fascinating. I have way more categories than I thought I would! Still deciding which ones I'm going to combine, but so far sources include:

-Library (shelf browsing or staff picks)
-Goodreads (algorithm suggestions / promoted books)
-Friends & Family Recs (incl. online friends)
-More From This Author (books in a series, sequels, or where I otherwise specifically looked up the author to see what else they had)
-Google search (when I go hunting blind for specific scenarios or character tropes)
-Garage sale
-Estate sale (debating whether to combine, because it might be fun to compare which cheap hunting ground is better)
-Book sale
-Thrift or antique store (I actually don't spot many in the latter, but again, it might be fun to compare)
-Bookstore: new
-Bookstore: used
-Store - other (Dollar Tree and Target, so far)
-Pop culture (TV, magazines, blogs -- this category is rare enough to combine)

EDIT: I just spent a merry 10 minutes carefully sorting 2016 (second attempt), and it looks like "library" is still the leading category, with 37/101 books, despite Goodreads' increasingly heavy influence in my life. Come behind the cut for a more detailed breakdown!

In order of popularity: exact numbers, which are basically also percentages.

Library: 37
More From This Author: 27 (11 of those are Tess Gerritsen's doing, though)
Used book sale: 12
Goodreads: 8
Estate sale: 4
Thrift store: 3
Google: 3
Bookstore, used: 2

One Hit Wonder locations: Garage sale, Target, TV, magazine, blog

Tags: books

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