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TV Talks

Survivor: damn! Jessica ran afoul of Chrissy's Calculating Evil Eye. That was my least desired outcome and now all I can hope for is to see Cole go next. After her spectacular Immunity challenge win, I am pretty sure I'm backing Desi as my new champ. Like many a female love interest before him, Cole does not have enough to stand as a favorite on his own.

Seal Team: I 100% was not paying attention enough last week to figure out who Manboy was so upset about seeing hit the dirt at the end of a faulty parachute, but from my Context Clues I am guessing it's that dark haired guy I still can't see as anyone other than Maeve's ex-fiance on Criminal Minds and therefore still cannot care about. Why does the Fun Size soldier continue to have boring non-combat storylines.

When do we get to some kind of exciting episode focused on David Boreanaz's Emotional Face Journey? Maybe for sweeps? I have to believe that at some point this show will feature him again. Anyway, it's been 20 minutes and I'm still bored enough to go back to work, so I am quitting early. Again.
Tags: seal team, survivor

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