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Don't be a brontosaurus (don't be a brontosaurus!) / Don't you ever walk that way

I hate all of my music right now, which is a problem since music is literally the only thing that motivates me to work efficiently instead of spending 11 hours trying & getting it half done. I don't know how it's possible to be bored of all my music, with my 2000 music library tracks, Spotify and 100+ CDs (though admittedly some of those overlap w/ my digital tracks), but I am really struggling to find a decent-length playlist.

The good news is, the Pokemon: The First Movie soundtrack is apparently exactly what I haven't listened to in a while and need to hear. I love all of these wonderful tracks more than words can express -- I know because earlier I tried -- with the exception of Aguilera's "We're a Miracle" (too slow).

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