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Thank god even crazy dreams come true

Off to temporarily house sit dog sit live my dream life in a 1920s house with a Springer Spaniel for 4 days!

I've had two stints already this year to walk and visit him during the day while the owners were out of town (neighbors took care of him at night), but this time I get to do it all, and stay overnight to boot. Tragically I still have to work, but it is my full intent to get off the computer just as fast as humanly possible so I can spend my remaining waking hours walking/petting said dog and reading. And just in case the dog wasn't amazing enough -- and I love this dog; I have mentally adopted him as my own -- this is the best non-mansion house I've ever been in, with architecture I love inside and out.

(Mom keeps asking when the 'job' starts, and I keep going 'job? mom this is literally my dream vacation.' I feel bad for the dog, because the only reason I am staying here is because he gets upset and depressed when left alone for more than 4 hours at a time, and he will continue to miss his owners until they come back...but he also loves walks and petting (even more than food) and he is gonna get so much of both. As referenced in my title, I still can't believe this is real! I've spent my whole life being jealous of people who get to take care of other peoples' pets with no professional experience just because someone they know asked if they wanted to. And now I am one of them.)
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