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SYTYCD results show...taped.

At the moment I am blithely ignoring a rerun of Without a Trace, even though it’s one I’ve never seen, because I hated last season that much.  It somehow involves Japan.  I watched one scene in which Sam and Elena were snickering over Jack’s ugly striped tie, he snootily defended that it was “a gift,” and then I observed a creepy sort of UST look from Sam and promptly decided I was not in a mood to go near that mess.  Onward to dancing!  I'm just going to write whatever comes into my head.  

Here’s what amazes me…the elaborate costume changes these kids have to go through!  And the speed, too.  Crazy.  It must be like, all hell breaking loose backstage.  And now the poor things have to go through even MORE choreography!  I don’t know how they keep it all straight.  I’m so amazed by all of them, I really am.  Here they come with their solo dances...

Doing the robot, Ashlee?  Hm.  I’m still trying to figure out if that’s a do-rag/bandanna tying her hair back, or just her hair slicked back in a ponytail, looking nasty and greasy.

Interesting costume choice, Dmitry.  Not sure the leather jacket works with a bare chest.  But he still reminds me of a prince.  This is Prince Charming, brought to life. 

Holy WHOA!  Martha does some jaw-droping lyrical.  She flies through the air.  With that first split leap, I paused, set my finger on the screen and slow-advanced…she’s got to be at least four feet off the ground with that thing (not to mention it’s not just a split; she’s got MORE than 180 degrees of separation between her legs).  And somehow she looks like a featherlight fairy, as if she’s simply floating back to the ground.  This is incredible. 

Seriously, I never think of Travis as a lyrical dancer.  But he’s pretty phenomenal too.  With the fan kick and switch leap and pirouettes and oh CRAP why have I suddenly forgotten the name of the pirouette where you spin with your leg outstretched and then tuck it in to increase momentum, and repeat…my God, he’s good. 

And…I think I just might be a little bit in love with Travis after this.  He’s actually on the verge of tears after that performance – not because he did badly, but because it was such a powerful experience for him.  And that makes me love him. 

C: You okay?  (fans scream wildly)  That must be nice, getting that reaction!
T: (breathing hard – as much from emotion as being winded) I just want to say…tonight’s the first time my mom could come to the show…(voice catching, he breaks off)
C: I think she’s saying she loves you.
T: And she’s the reason why I do that!  That, she… (despite a mighty effort, his face crumples again; the crowd screams while he ducks his head trying to regain control) And thank God I got to do that, because I think I showed America why I’m here.  I don’t think people realize why I’m here. (crowd screams, Cat concludes the interview)

 Yup.  I am a LOT in love with Travis.

Natalie is kind of cool with her knee-spins and pushing herself up by the tops of her feet.  But I hate her loudmouth sassy attitude and desire her to exit right after Ashlee.  Musa was not as much fun to see solo as I expected.  Guess he’s too tired for a lot of phenomenal acrobatics…unfortunately, that’s pretty much the main reason I give him points.  So, that’s a bad sign. 

But before the results, a special performance by the Pussycat Whores!  You have no idea how much I despise them.  I hate them more than any other slutty popstar EVER, and I really hated Britney and Christina in their heydays.  And the message behind their first single is enough to make me vomit.  Why is anyone paying attention to them?  Why are they being booked for performances?  Who would pay for their music?  And the clothes they wear…they’re just very expensive rags, all ripped and torn and hanging off their bodies. 

I was going to watch on mute, thinking that their horrible lyrics would be drowned out that way, but it made things worse.  This is like my high school’s Ghetto Slutty Danceline, with the sick moves.  So I put the sound back on, and “Buttons” is just a tiny little better than “Doncha.”  It was more entertaining than last week’s performance, but not by much.  Can’t we book, um…ooh, can we have Shakira?  Please?

Okay, I have a confession to make – last week I went to bed at 7:30 and set my tape.  However, I could only hold my curiosity until Friday night, and then I looked up to see who got eliminated.  BUT, I did make predictions before I checked, so here they are (keep in mind these was before I knew who the bottom-3 were).  Original text in italics:

WANT (I am too pessimistic to think America will ever kick out the ones I hate, even though they did last week, and on both counts too): Ashlee & Ivan

PREDICT: Heidi & Ryan


1) Ashlee (woo!  Oi, I love my judges!)

2) ...MUSA?  You threw MUSA out?  IDIOTOS!  Well, I'd rather they sided with my female choice, but still...I really, really wanted him to reach the individual dances.  Ivan sucks, and though Ryan's sculptured ballet lines are awesome, they are just not as cool as Musa's moves.  I guess I understand, because he's not as technically developed as the other kids, and they totally love Ivan.  Gr.

But Martha and Donyelle are still cruising towards the end, so that's good.  Benji can leave any old time he wants, because I only put up with him because he had excellent chemistry with Donyelle.  On his own he's crazy-eyed and juvenile, and reminds me of Ben whom I dearly miss. 

Revised After Watching Full Results Show:

1)      On Natalie - Nigel said it!  Nigel called her on the sex kitten act!  I told you! 

2)      On Martha – “You’ve got the best elevation of anyone.”  But then he ruined it all by saying she wasn’t bringing quite the level they expect.  Sigh.


1)      Nigel’s not about to put Travis on the spot for even a second – tells him they’re proud of him, then sends him back safe.

2)      “Dmitry, you’ve got to step it up.  Just coming out and showing your abs is not good enough to be on this show.”  Oh, BURN!  Ouch, Nigel.  Very ouch.

3)      Musa’s gone.  L  I am a little less devastated than I was on Friday, but still.   When I look at the list of the top 5 lineup and see Ryan there, I feel like something’s gone wrong.

And I take back everything I said about Benji leaving, because I've changed my mind.  I want him to make the final four.  Allison, Martha, Donyelle, Benji are my faves in no particular order.  Oh wait, and I like Travis too.  But the point is, I really really like Benji now.  I'm fickle, aren't I?

The new gimmick - a new partner every week?  You should have heard my yelp of dismay.  I thought they were just going to start doing solo dances.  I don't WANT new partners!  Don't touch the Donyelle-Benji chemistry!  Don't touch it!  Back!  BAD!  And same for the Martha/Travis awesomeness.  I may have to cry a little.  *cries*  I have yet to erase a SYTYCD episode from my tapes, because they're so much fun.  This is extremely space-wasting.  Sigh...
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