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Oh man. This movie. I have been interested in eventually seeing it ever since it picked up Oscar buzz, in large part because I had no idea what the title meant but I definitely associated it with Dev Patel's magnificent mane of hair, but ever since I saw this gifset and learned for sure that I could tack "emotional vulnerability" on top of that, I have been on tenterhooks waiting for my library request to come in. It finally did.

I had no idea the entire first half of the movie was going to be spent on his childhood, so I will cop to being a tad impatient waiting for it to fast-forward to present day, but I was surprised by how much I liked the little kid and actually got invested in his story. My mom made at least a hundred comments about how awful the conditions were (are?) over there for orphan kids, but she's not wrong, that is a lot of buckets of tragedy and narrow escapes. Poor kid.

That said, we're gonna skip to his adult life now, because I was Not Prepared for him to be so fiercely protective of his adoptive mama. That is exactly the kind of bonding outcome I truly thought impossible when adopting children older than 1. If you could guarantee me that instead of the exact and horrible opposite they got with the second kid, I would be much more open to the otherwise appealing idea of skipping the diaper stage of parenthood. (side note: his adopted brother is...truly awful, to the point where I found myself thinking "I bet you could get away with murder in that isolated little wilderness area and no one would ever suspect")

While also vaguely annoyed at his love interest's part being wasted on alienesque Rooney Mara (how am I supposed to ship that?), I didn't mind her so much here as I usually do. TBF he was working overtime in the face & heart-eyes to convince me to love her because he loved her, but still, one person can only carry 90% of a ship.

In Sum: Things That Were Wonderful:

  • The multiple occasions of aggressively defending/protecting his mother's feelings

  • His tearful response to her explanation of why they adopted them instead of having their own kids

  • Lashing out at his horrible adopted brother over dinner

  • HIS FACE when later going over to apologize to said brother and keeping watch over him, which is so much better than said brother deserves and only serves to emphasize Saroo's saintliness

  • The number of scenes in bed that cut away approximately 3.2 seconds into the action; that is AMAZING, can all films please be like this. I actually would have been happy to get a little more (those abs are insane and covering them with clothing is borderline criminal), but it is always better to leave me wanting than squicked out.

  • "I'm not from Calcutta" LEAVE ME TO DIE.GIF


  • Probably more stuff I've already forgotten because I took the DVD back to the library before I did a second/skip-through viewing (originally watched with parents, so no pause/rewind options)

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