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For roughly the past week, I have been in an absolute spiral down into Lost nostalgia, and it is dollsome's indirect fault. She posted this response to an ask meme, and somehow it did what none of her reblogged gifsets have managed to do, and triggered a long-desired relapse.

I suppose it was because I couldn't resist trying to fill it out for my own amusement -- I, too, have a weird amount of trouble recollecting what actually happened on this show [beyond Sawyer/Juliet in season 5-6, the finale, and my fave chick Alex Rousseau in season 4] -- and that got me thinking about my fleet of ships, and that led to me popping the cork on one I have very carefully kept sealed away for years: Shannon/Sayid.

(side note: her post dovetailed nicely with my months-long request on the "Lion" DVD finally coming in from the library, and I'm 100% sure my Firestorm of Appreciation for Dev Patel's Face/Hair is directly tangled up in this.)

And precisely because it has been out of the light for so long, it is vibrant and new and nearly as fresh to my eyes as when we first met, and diving headlong into shippy memories has been a blast. YouTube was even more uncooperative than Tumblr, but I have finally located my DVD set, so Imma do this in chronological order as best I can:

1. First of all, sir, stop it with your face and everything:

This scene is ridiculously darling. For being basically their first one-on-one interaction, this whole episode is fantastic, but his bemusement with her here is particularly wonderful.

2. Her singing the song in my subject line is also a really nice moment. As nonplussed as he is when she first comes over (and brave girl for not giving up), he's not done being oddly enchanted by her, not by a long shot.

3. The shoe gift!! (as a thank you for the above) Just the best. Remember when Sayid occasionally cracked jokes, because I don't.

{C} (x)

Also, I cannot stop howling at Boone's foot-stamping glower in the distance, never mind his petty and perfectly impotent attempt at a "stay away from" threat. The only thing better is Sayid's clearly-trying-not-to-laugh-in-his-face expression. "For a moment you seemed to be giving me an order. That's adorable."

4. God, the silhouette kissing in front of the firelight is pretty.

5. HOLD UP I have either never seen or entirely forgotten "...In Translation," because I do not remember Sayid's amiable mention to Boone that he plans to go a-courtin', nor do I remember the innuendo about tying knots, or his tragic but mercifully short-lived dismissal of her intentions based on Boone's claims.

This is entirely possible -- once upon a time before YouTube, individual fansites would sometimes host playable and/or downloadable clips, which explains how I recognie the beach kiss, but my viewing of season 1 itself was largely dependent upon the summer rerun schedule and I know there were gaps in it, plus this month is the first time I've ever cracked open the DVD.

5. The "I need to take it a little slow" (so extra week? 9 days?) bit is great too.
"I had no expectations."
(pan to: elaborate beach picnic, lit torches, flowers, expertly scouted location for seclusion)
"Hopes...not expectations."

In related news, his voice/accent is so musical, I could listen to him talk all day.

6. Oh gosh, either I never saw or completely do not remember the hand-in-hand saunter back into camp after that!

Which gets horrifically embarrassing to rewatch, because they are completely high on each other and I hate that the entire camp sees that knowing what Shannon's about to walk into, on top of the knowledge that if she hadn't been off doing her own thing, she would have been there at the end. It's not like that's her fault, or his, but it is an awful set of circumstances. (On bright side, at least he's there when she finds out, and even when she staggers back, he's still holding onto her hand.)

Skipping ahead now because it turns out my dumb ass did not check the DVD before buying it secondhand, and I'm missing disc 6 a/k/a the end of the season...

7.  The Tent Scene of 2x06?? I cannot believe I COMPLETELY forgot that entire thing. Or to be more precise, I vaguely remember the afterglow, but not the kissing that preceded it.

ANYWAY, I'M GONNA GO FLING MYSELF OFF A CLIFF. (Was this ship tailored to my shippy whims or was it the foundation of my shippy whims?? The facts have been lost to time and lack of archives.)

I have resisted revisiting her death scene so far, because I know it's a pretty satisfactory emotional wallop even without the finale antidote, but I also don't want to have to relive the world where she's dead yet.

8. I can't even remember which episode this one is from, but I know that I have always loved how fast he goes from teasing to genuinely touched.

BONUS: right about here is where I abruptly remembered mrstater's fic cache. After a fleeting moment of terror -- it's not on, or A03! and I didn't save any of it! -- I exhaled in relief to find her LJ is still around, and not even friends-locked like so many other fanfics have ended up. And all of the stories are there, too. Reading through them almost knocked me on my ass with how familiar some of the lines were. Like sentences from books I read in childhood, back when I read books more than once in a short period of time, or just hadn't read enough books to push old information out, and so they stand out like I read them yesterday? That's what these stories do to me.

(and I still think Alf Layla Wa Layla would be just the best Arabian horse name ever.)

Side note: this relationship is gonna be a bitch-and-a-half to try and cast in a book the way I always seem to feel the need to. And I will feel the need to, even with the above author's volumes of professional-quality fanfic, including a series at least long enough to qualify as a novella. There is probably something in YA for the diversity, which feels like it'll be really hard to search out in general fic without just getting a completely set-in-the-Middle-East novel*, but that doesn't solve the problem of the age difference being just as crucial. Hey! Terrible classes about global nonsense I had to suffer through in college! Pay dividends, please. (*Please? Because on second thought, I can absolutely plug in Nadia for a pure Middle East pedigree if need be...).
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