RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Week 2 of the Shayid Nostalgia Spiral

I picked up season 1 at the library today, so we can pick up where we left off at disc 6:

1. ...oh my god. Oh my GOD! There is an episode I've never seen, ever, not any part of, and it's a Sayid-flashback one to boot -- 1x21, The Greater Good. I remember reading about all these events, but I always thought I'd just forgotten them. No, it is brand new to me! Hang on. I need to savor this treasure; will come back to it.

2. Let's hit up familiar territory instead -- the finale, because "it won't be too much if I carry it for you" is definitely one of the first things I ever saw with them, and that whipped me right into a ship frenzy on the spot.

Tears, hand on face, reassurance, excellent hair; yeah, I never stood a chance

3. Also awwww I very nearly forgot about her race over to hug him when he comes back from the rescue mission, while everyone else is busy crowding around and cooing over Claire and the baby:
Imma go ahead and rank this right below the Skate reunion hug mid-season-3 in terms of Most Epic Reunion Hugs on this show. (tbf literally nothing can top that, it was unprecedented)

4. Actually, I'm gonna veer off the shipping track for a second because Sayid is just in incredible form during the entire finale, and Shannon is not the only reason he turned into an instant favorite. A list of other achievements:

-Being in charge of the camp while Jacksus, his queen consort and the rest of The Incredibly Borings are out, which includes hotly sizing up Charlie's general level of hysteria and declaring "no guns for u," followed by a lovely outline of what he can do to protect Claire
-Grabbing Charlie by the throat after getting sucker punched with an incredibly hot deadly-quiet "do not hit me again."
-Letting him come on the jungle trek of baby-retrieval anyway, complete with reluctant gun access, after very gently dissuading Claire from doing so
-Field dressing his head wound -- via gunpowder cauterization (Charlie: "This is because I hit you, isn't it."). Mostly because I like the fact the tried to beg off the task with "I'm not a doctor," but relented after the indignant "you're a soldier! what did people do when they got wounded?" because that pulls up some other fantastic imagery)
-Very deft Rousseau-whispering to coax the baby out of her arms. I really love the odd little connection they have, as well as his continued refusal to judge her and lowkey defense every time someone else does.

5. Now, back to that episode I skated over: HEY THERE, HI, HELLO, look at this ridiculous treasure trove of BRAND NEW SHIP MOMENTS!
* Watching her slumped beside Boone's body (wearing the world's most mournful expression), careful not to invade her space.
"Is there anything I can do for you?"

* Attempting to speak at Boone's funeral when she can't.

* His "uh" response to Shannon's casual suggestion that, having considered the matter carefully, what he can do for her is do something about the fact that Locke killed her brother. Which, it should be noted, is not an outright no. Off he goes to Investigate The Facts.

* "How are you?"

* and basically everything in his beautifully sensible "I have Investigated The Facts, in a much more level-headed way than sleep-deprived Punchy Jack, and reluctantly concluded that we should not Do Something About That in a way that involves murder."
"So that's it?"
"I know how strong the need can be to find someone to blame
"You don't get it, do you?"

(I was going to add "nobody does," but on the other occurs to me that "the murderous desire to murder Locke right the fuck now" is yet another lovely trait that Shannon and I had in common.)

* "If you do this, you can never take it back," and resorting to physical tackling when that doesn't work, and...I just realized there is an eerie amount of presumably intentional paralleling with her final scene of the series. Pouring rain in the jungle, a wild gunshot, that same outfit, the "do NOT" response when he reaches out for her as she's struggling to her feet...

6. Oh no. This backstory is tragic, so tragic, and all of it driven by love of her.

I have kept a very firm lid on the Sayid/Nadia shipping trying to leap out of its container, because that is a hopeless quagmire unparalleled by anything since The Tragic Divide For Jo March's Heart, but it's getting harder and harder. This is why I didn't want to leave season one! Because this is a situation where you can never be fully happy no matter what the endgame is. Shannon's untimely death was actually the only, if horrible, solution.

(until SOMEONE mucked it up in their Sideways World canon...and the worst part is I would not trade that footage for anything, even though I still think Sayid and Nadia make more sense as soulmates, because I also love the improbable idea that he and Shannon are -- that I will never leave you meant more than a wild spur-of-the-moment promise to de-escalate the situation, a promise I never thought either would have been able to keep off-island).

7. Anyway. Where was I? Right. Wallowing in pain and misery as he gets manipulated into manipulating a friend who trusts him into being a suicde bomber, to keep Nadia safe. I'm just gonna take a nice jump off this cliff here.

Disclaimer: author has not actually jumped off a cliff (or blown self up), even if it seems like it based on how long it takes a new post to appear.
Tags: giffy, lost, screencap happy, shipping

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