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I come downstairs and my parents are watching The Night Manager, a show I know absolutely nothing about (one of my first comments: oh, he's a literal [hotel] night manager?), and I walk right into some context-free "concerned dude trying to protect apparent domestic abuse victim" stuff, so thanks for that. That is definitely the best way to cure me of someone's face. /sarcasm

[edit: oh damn. was that episode 1? does she end up murdered? bollocks. Fine, I accept your offering of everything else I missed, YouTube.]

Most of my remaining enthusiasm for this season of Survivor went out the door when a) I found out Jessica was not going to be part of the jury/Ponderosa, and b) my last two remaining favorites went out immediately afterwards. (Desi had definitely overtaken Cole by that point. I also figured out it's because she reminds me of Freema Agyeman.)

Another chunk went out the door when the internet informed me Jessica and Cole do not actually have anything beyond friendship going on, which is perfectly reasonably and mostly what I expected from two strangers with an age difference who live in different states, but also kind of a bummer, especially in light of the subsequent Cole & Desi's Excellent Island Adventure that would have been a pretty unbeatable first date if Jessica had been there instead.

And thus, it has been a log slog of suffering with people so collectively dull and/or annoying (exception: Devon) that Lauren somehow became my second favorite. My respect for her was incredibly grudging and hard-won, given that she seems like a perfectly nice person but also completely deadpan and humorless, and that's no fun for TV. I also dislike people with my body shape on TV, because that interferes with my contenteded certainty that I look like an only slightly less muscled version of Ashley. However, she has put in a lot of solid and respectable work, which makes it very annoying to see her voted out just when everyone finally recognizes that Ben is a giant threat because he has been playing the game and scheming better than almost anyone.

This season is so boring they even managed to make the family visit boring. Drawing rocks to win reward, with no accompanying challenge? Approximately two minutes spend showing said reward? Which I guess is OK, because it included none of the relatives I wanted to see, bu still.

Current order of favorites:
1. Devon, because he is still really really ridiculously good looking, and his immediate meltdown upon seeing his mom cemented that feeling.

2. Chrissy, just because she's like an evil queen on Once Upon A Time except everything she wants miraculously works for her. At this point, if I were on the jury, I'd vote her to win. She's the only one working as hard or harder than Ben to stay in the game, but she's not an openly abrasive asshole.

3. Ashley: the last remaining pleasant person, if not very exciting.

4. Ben, a complete jerk, but at least a rugged beardly one, great head-of-household stuff.

5. I can't explain why is so annoying to me, beyond his voice, except that he's just the kind of standard dad I picture in YA novels, whom you cannot imagine having had a life or personality other than "dad."

6. Lil' Gremlin is still dead last. Why do I have to keep looking at his gleaming eyes. It's like he's part weasel.

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