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Survivor, quick-like, and some other things.

And my number two bites the dust! Thanks to Ben's freakish idol-finding capabilities two weeks in a row. I still have no idea who is going to win this season, except Probably Not My Last Fave (Devon), whom I don't think has enough jury friends and definitely has not earned it. But now I am really hoping Ben and Chrissy are both in the final 3, because I genuinely want to know who would win in that kind of head-to-head, or if someone else could knock them both out by being nicer. They are both scrapping like hell and at this point it's kind of entertaining. I say "kind of" because if I don't manufacture interest in that, watching would be as thankless as Seal Team.

I did enjoy watching Chrissy win the short obstacle course + ladder-clinb + cog puzzle challenge for Immunity, though.

2. Exactly zero people on Tumblr have appreciated this post, but damn it, I'm funny, so I'm gonna tell LJ to laugh at my joke too. Mostly because I secretly hope I can make 'Tumblr coming out of its well to shame Televinitakind' a recurring tag for various reasons in the future, however awkwardly reshaped and forced the reference is.

I haven't fought my brain this hard since, like, senior year of high school, when I had the crush on the way-below-standards boy I'm still salty that I couldn't convince myself not to swoon over. But at least in this case I'm only mad about having something in common with the Tumblr masses, whose ability to latch onto quality faces is normally only about 15% on target. He seems like a pretty quality human except for a problematic tendency to shed his pants on film. Or it is just the very posh accent fooling me, but I'd like to believe the quality-human thing.

3. Speaking of Tumblr, Did you know that if you cross a Basset Hound with a Cocker Spaniel, you get the most adorable fluffylong (with freckling!) that lacks either the stump-muzzle of today's American Cockers OR the bloodshot eyes of the Basset?
[or click here for the photo evidence!]
Tags: animals, survivor, tumblr, tv commentary

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