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Why is this show making me love Danny.

8x10: The hospital-shooter arc was glorious, and I'm so glad it was only like 10% Bad Guy Sneering (before he thoughtfully dispatched himself) and then 90% Danny-Rescuing in a field surgery way, with more or less the basic supplies needed, but only verbal assistance from actual medical personnel. Very bottle-episode-y, with little if any time to spare on casework. Just the best.
(now taking bets on whether I will stick around long enough to find out who Murder Guy is, or if that's one of those mysteries I won't find out the answer to until at least 2019)

I mean, I stole a lot of it for use with NCIS:LA, where I guess the closest facsimile would be Kensi/Deeks/Callen/Sam but which is definitely more fun to play with Eric & Nell instead of the latter two, but there was also a lot of gold very specific to Danny & McGarret's love/snark brolationship, which I enjoyed very much. I skipped most of the dream sequence / flash-forwards because I felt some secondhand embarrassment about their schmaltziness, but maybe one day I will appreciate them as future canon.


But I do take personal offense to McGarret having hideous hair just as I consider taking up with this show full time. Not even everyone instantly ragging on the cut can make up for it, although the deadpan "Ghetto Vin Diesel" was a pretty amazing shot at it.

8x11: First of all, I think I was getting vague hints of this in the previous episode but ignoring them, so, WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THIS TINY TOT (6-year-old boy, whatever) SNUGGLING UP TO DANNY FOR BEDTIME STORIES. Are you telling me that the baby in season 1 that you swore to me was Danny's, and then went take-backsies on, WAS IN FACT AT SOME POINT REVEALED TO BE DANNY'S AFTER ALL?? Oh my god, the Wiki says it was! What! You revealed this in season 5, you say? Wow. That is a lot of time for big news to evade me. Not that that's surprising, because nothing about this show ever crosses my desk unless I look for it, but still. I have a lot of shock to process, okay!

*4 hours later*

OK. I have now calmed down enough to finish the episode and -- SIX-ALARM HEART ATTACK CODE, WHAT DO YOU MEAN STEVE HAS A DOG. WHEN DID STEVE GET A DOG. WHY/WHERE/HOW DID HE GET A DOG. HOW MANY EPISODES ARE THERE WHERE HE PETS THE DOG. These questions have not all been answered, but I did trip across a summer 2017 article that tells me it's very recent and makes my need to have these questions answered even greater: “There is a story that’s coming up, it actually was Alex O’Loughlin’s idea. I wanted to do a story where the victim left in the wake of a tragedy was a dog who lost its owner. It’s very emotional, really great story. It’s a dog that’s a drug sniffing service dog that McGarrett ends up adopting." [eta: 8x02, looks like]

*1 hour later*
As I was very calmly saying, I love that this whole episode is structured as Danny telling a story to his kid (and, fyi, I am now 75% sure they made Charlie his kid just because they were like, 'Scott Caan is too amazing with kids to be done with those scenes forever just because Grace is aging out'). That is the most adorable thing I've ever seen Danny do, and I'm including Grace in this and my patience for boys is like, zero, so that's really saying something. Plus the ending, with McGarret inviting himself over/letting himself in to steal Santa's cookies, had me in stitches.

It is such a strange, foreign feeling to be delighted by Hawaii Five-0 at all, let alone for what is now three episodes in a row. I know that's a record for me as far as consecutive episodes go. Good job, season 8!

In other news, because Crazy Ex-Girlfriend refuses to release "The End of the Movie" for purchase or streaming on Spotify (is there some weird legal situation with the fact that it's sung by Josh Groban?), and the video clip has that Josh/Darryl dialogue in the middle that gets annoyingly draggy after one listen, some beautiful blessed human has neatly cut that part out with flawless editing. And I do mean flawless, like it was professionally cut. Enjoy it as long as you can! It's the actual video clip, even, which you can presumably change to an MP3 at your leisure through means I'm sure I have no knowledge of. Personally, I'm playing this on loop on the regular.
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