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I found a 7-foot tall/1 foot wide bookcase at Savers for $7*. A.K.A. the thing of my dreams because it is the only type of shelving I have space left for, and it should be able to hoist a lot of DVDs off the floor where they now reside, as well take some off the bookshelves, which in turn will let some of the floor books move into their spots.

*Actually, it only cost $4.50 because after seeing it last night, today I brought Dad to drive the van since it would not fit in my car (and the van is too old and unpredictable for him to trust it with anyone else), and it was conveniently Senior Discount Day. I priced these online when I first started looking for one a year ago, and they run $80 to $100 or more new.

However, I now have to Mega Clean / Do Mega Laundry just to get it in the room,
not to mention vacuum out the corner where it's going to go / move out the few books I have tucked in there now. I've been at it for about 4 hours now, and I am only just approaching the point where it looks like it does on the best of days, a.k.a. "overcrowded and with way too many book and clothing piles I need to downsize, but with all dirty clothes in hamper or sorted into upcoming loads, and clear walkways through the room, instead of a junk carpet," and I still need to vacuum and do another couple of loads of laundry before I can even just move the stuff that's in the way.
Things I Have Found So Far:
-2 unopened cans of Vanilla Coke Zero amidst all the empties that needed to be collected for recycling,
-An unopened bottle of Diet Pepsi from the last 6-pack I bought
-The library book I wasn't worried about yet, but also knew I hadn't seen in a while
-A spider hanging out near the floor between my bed and nightstand (THAT'S NOT AWFUL AT ALL)
-My slippers
-A $1 bill $7 in cash
-That I managed to both wash and dry a flash drive I must have missed in my jeans pocket. And it still works.

Stay tuned for updates!

Update 1: Things I Have Added To My Getting-Rid-Of bag

-Several fake & junk ponies from the eBay batch I bought last month. I don't have time for ponies with missing tails or rust stains. (but even only counting the good ones, the price per head was still cheaper than anywhere else, so it was worth it) They came from California and now they can seek their fortunes elsewhere here in MN or possibly slip over the border into Wisconsin. Go go nationwide traveling ponies!

-2 keyboards I picked up at church bag sales to replace mine (or at least replace the keys), but which ended up not being the right style

-2 shirts and a pair of shoes

-About a dozen books, CDs and DVDs that are ex-library, stamped "promotional copy" or otherwise not really suitable for Half Price purchasing.

-A couple of pieces of costume jewelry

I also added a handful of books to a different bag for Half Price resale.

P.S. I only turned on this schmaltzy-looking "Home for the Holidays" stuff about adopted kids because Groban is one of the, like, top ten most amazing humans ever and is a joy no matter what he's doing, but DANG this first adoption story is the literal dream of kids adopted out of foster care. If I could just special order children that adorable and grateful...
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