RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Ack! More fic!

In terms of creative writing, this week, right here, has been more productive than THE ENTIRE SUMMER TO DATE.

But let's back up a bit.  A long, long time ago (early November), when I saw the first promo for "One Stop Shot," it sparked an idea in mind for a Standoff fic.  Said fic then floundered and languished in the annals of my computer for weeks, too far along for me to abandon and yet not developed enough for me to figure out where the hell it was going, mostly because I didn't feel I knew the main characters of the show well enough to write about yet.  And also, because it appeared to have neither plot nor true word-art style.  Bit problematic, that.

Tonight, after having had smashing success with a bit of original writing last night (that'll be along soon; it has some issues to sort out first), I decided there was nothing I couldn't do, so I tackled the untitled Standoff piece.  And accomplished quite a lot.     

Five hours of a playlist repeating on loop:
  1. Werewolf - Cat Power
  2. Let the Drummer Kick - Citizen Cope
  3. Now or Never - Josh Groban
  4. Ordinary Day - Vanessa Carlton
  5. Braille - Regina Spektor
  6. Buildings - Regina Spektor
  7. Headset - Avril Lavigne
  8. Gypsy Woman - Hilary Duff
  9. Pandora's Aquarium - Tori Amos
Five hours of tussling and fussing and steadily erasing [bold bracket questions] one by one.  Turned part 1 from a stumbling, half-finished mess into a full page.  Came up with a title.  Managed, without really meaning to, to work every single main character's name in there, even though it's all about Matt and Emily.  Battled with Voice over whether or not to rewrite the first two parts in present tense, and opted to stick with the original plan.  (I have an odd formatting style, choosing to write parts 1 & 2 in past tense, with more of a dialogue-based, plot-describing voice, and part 3 in my typical present-tense, dreamy word art style.

And now I'm finally done.

Fandom: Standoff
Title: Ordinary Grinds to Dust
Summary: Ordinary days did not involve a hailstorm of bullets.  [Oneshot.  Angsty oneshot.]
Word Count: 2235
Rated: T, just to be safe

Voice: Weren't you saying something about how after this was published, all it would cause you to do would be cringe in pain at the thought of people reading it, that it would be another "Breaking Routine"?  Didn't you swear never again to put up a story you didn't completely believe in?
RS: Well, yes.  And then I gave said story a vague and mysterious title, which had the curious effect of making it seem much more respectable.
Tags: completed, fanfic, standoff, voice chats

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