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I went to Half Price Books in search of something for my dad, and found no good options, but you know what I did find? For $2 in the clearance nostalgia section? A super-scarce horse book, so scarce that the few copies for sale online right now start at a hundred times that amount. Yeah, as in $200.


(side note: this is the companion to the almost-as-scarce sequel I found at a library sale a few years ago, also for $2. Feelin' pretty lucky right about now)

Edit: I also went to Barnes and Noble, and may I just say, even though I tore myself away before I could inspect it very closely due to lack of time and having about 10 library checkouts already, I spent about 2 minutes glancing over the YA section, and must have seen 60 titles that piqued my interest. Just when I was finally feeling like I might get to the point where I could start to whittle down my existing to-read shelf on Goodreads and/or start on books I own. WHY MUST EVERYONE INSIST ON CONTINUING TO WRITE STUFF.

Edit numero dos: I feel better after going back the next day, inspecting it carefully, and coming away with only 4 titles I actively wanted to hunt down via library.
Tags: books, thrifty shopping

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