RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

So I'm scraping the internet for an early promo or any possible spoilers on the next episode of The Brave, and...

"Dalton and what remains of his team try to escape with their lives as they process a devastating loss; Patricia will stop at nothing to make things right, even if it means putting her career at risk." (x)

Immediate response: [extensive shocked cursing]

...please, please tell me that by "devastating loss" you somehow mean "the highly irregular and weird but temporary loss of the upper hand before they regain their footing and beat the bad guys," or "the loss of knowing where Jaz's physical presence is," and not death. This show and the entire cast are too great for me to quit over losing Jaz, but it will make me Highkey Annoyed.

Also what the hell, why the actress's name not even listed in the credits. That can't mean anything, right? I mean...if she was killed off screen, why would she be giving press interviews about episode 10? Also I refuse to believe my hero show would shoot itself in the foot this early. Like what possible good could come of killing your only female team member? That's just more proof they would never, right? Did they maybe withold her name for a SURPRISE ALIVE reveal?? SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS.

OK, time to chill before I ruin the fun of Christmas and the holiday season waiting for it to be January 8th, when I will be embroiled in work hell again.

EDIT: my response to typing the above sentence & posting was to immediately check the tag on Tumblr, where upon I found an actual Entertainment Weekly spoiler:
[not super spoilery but...]
"It should come as no surprise that the team will stop at nothing to save Jaz, putting their own lives on the line in the winter premiere, which is just as tense, if not more, than the fall finale. While Jaz is facing, hmmm, an interesting form of torture that I haven’t seen before, the team back at home will make a risky decision that will put at least one job in jeopardy."

...can "interesting" mean "repeatedly shown adorable dogs and puppies that she is not allowed to touch"? I mean, that kind of torment would probably break me. (on a more serious note: WHAT THE HECK COULD THAT POSSIBLY MEAN?? What kind of torture hasn't been seen before?)

Tags: speculation, spoilers, the brave

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