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(1) My Fancy New Tall & Skinny Bookshelf has been installed and is presently holding 20 small paperbacks, 45 CDs, and 42 DVDs (combos of movies and TV seasons) where only 6 books in slipcovers (admittedly hefty and now displaced) lived before. I have not yet finished filling in the spaces left behind on my existing shelves, and I am beyond excited to see how many books I can still pull off the floor.

On the other hand, even though some of the newly stowed items *came* from the floor and/or stacks on non-shelving-unit pieces of furniture, I cannot believe how little of a dent I have actually made in the homeless items overall. I cleaned up one corner of the floor pretty good, and one of the many stacks on my overloaded desk is shorter, but not much else is noticeable. At least not yet.

But boy, do I love playing Media Tetris and shifting things around until the space is packed to maximum capacity without damaging anything.

(2) With another 4-hour marathon tonight, I also finally finished my Christmas shopping! Tomorrow is going to be spent wrapping like mad so the presents can be enjoyed for all of 48-72 hours under the tree before being torn open.
Tags: life

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