RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

The wins keep rolling in!

Chris got me a very nice sparkly of purple Swarovski Cystal earrings for Christmas, and I was as delighted by them as the fancy box they came in (which is a lot of delight)...but his other gift really blew his first gift out of the water (actual quote in response to my reaction: "I'm afraid I'll never make you this happy again.")

Because he got an item of my Amazon wishlist, the most recently added one even though I've been looking at it for close to a decade: the tiny-vanity-press-published My Little Pony [Generation 1] Collector's Inventory, a resource that is impossible to find cheap, and which is everything I dreamed it would be AND MORE.

Full color photos of every single U.S. pony, accessory and related item ever produced in the only run of MLP that matters, along with a short blurb about when they were first introduced and if they were mail-order, etc. along with a pricing guide so you can gauge rarity (just assume everything is more expensive than stated). Now I don't have to worry about the ID websites going down! It is a heavenly dream and I cannot stop paging through it in awe. It is a true Cave of Wonders catalog of splendor, including many outfits and playsets I've never even seen before (there are HALLOWEEN COSTUMES FOR THE BABY PONIES OMG).
Tags: gifts, life

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