RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Me: *minding my own business, quietly starting to format The Music of 2017 post for Q4*
YouTube: *informs me this exists*

Welp, guess I gotta find me a YA novel about two singers who may or may not be on a tour together but definitely sing together and may or may not fall in love (look how reasonable and open my parameters are! YA loves to write about music! Surely this is doable, right?).

THEY'RE JUST SO DAMN LOVELY TOGETHER and it's this or they gotta release a beautiful professionally-recorded-in-studio CD of acoustic duets, preferably original.

(and please do not waste energy looking for this novel have 8 books checked out have 50 more on your want-to-read shelf and you just found a whole new list of books you wrote yourself to look up in 2016...please brain I beg you to contain yourself...)
Brain: Oops your fingers slipped. Look, a list of 414 YA Music Books. We should read through all of them right now.

5:07 AM: OH NO. They are not starring in Nick & Norah('s Infinite Playlist). I don't know why I don't want this but I'm sure I have a good reason, not least of which that it's already a movie.

5:09: *perks up* This Lullaby? A Sarah Dessen book? now that's intriguing. I don't think I want them for this one, but...if I cast them for Just Listen it might take away the fog of rage I associate with it. I feel like Owen was real quality in that book, as evidenced by my remembering his name.

5:11: Amy and Roger's Epic Detour? Could I use them for that? It's not music but I'm feeling like a road trip is at least half of what I want anyway. I read that book before the days of mental casting, and it's long been a favorite I've wanted to reread.

5:14: The Disenchantments? I tried that once and kicked it out because narrator was a guy, despite the girl on the cover. Would it work now? Still unsure. This is about a band, after all.

5:15: Guitar Notes by Mary Amato. I am...intrigued.

5:18: AKL;SDJFASD USE SOMEBODY BY RILEY JEAN. And my first thought is not my intended cast...but more of a 'holy hell sounds to me like the Jesse/Beca [Pitch Perfect] filter I have long wanted." ...and I don't like that it's self-published. Not one bit.

All right, tired now. Taking a break to write up my ideal summary of this hypothetical book, but absolutely coming back to this.
Tags: books, darren criss

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