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It's FandomMeme Time!

I like how it went from LJ to Tumblr and back again (it was easier to copy the streamlined versions from Tumblr than my mishmash of older  versions I've grown increasingly discontent with), so:

(or, "8 deceptively simple questions I am gonna make super unnecessarily compliated")

1. Which TV shows did you start watching this year?
First of all, next year I am just gonna keep a running tally in a notebook somewhere because it is embarrassing that I could only remember three without consulting my own archives. But anyway --

-The Brave
-Seal Team
-S.W.A.T. (side note: I have...actually only technically seen 1.5 or 2.5 episodes. It's hard to get myself to a TV on Thursdays nights and the overall cast is as bad as Seal Team, making it impossible to sit through it online)
-Last Man Standing (in and thanks to syndication. and I can't believe it's only been a year since we met. This show is THE DREAM. The dream!)
-Man With a Plan*
-Superior Donuts*
-Kevin Can Wait**

*on the very, very rare and occasional occasion I happen to be home and remember what night they're on before they're over, and please note I do not believe they are good
**in a very hate-filled, why-do-I-love-King-of-Queens-so-much-I-gotta-get-hooked-on-its-ugly-undead-quasi-revival manner

2. Which TV shows did you let go of this year?
-The Great Indoors
-The Good Place
-Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, but only with great grouchiness (due to cancellation)
-Superstore: I did not mean to give it the Felicity treatment but the timing sure does seem suspicious (btw thanks for taking out The Good Place by proximity)
-Supergirl, whose move outside of my comfort station and low-interest development of the sisters' love lives deftly severed whatever spell it had me under last summer.
-Zoo and I have also been forced into a separation but I'm not ready to actually let go yet.

3. Which TV shows did you mean to get into but didn’t this year? Why?
Rizzoli & Isles: As the new book neared I got SO CLOSE, like I even watched a couple of episodes, but not chronologically, and I am not yet ready to give my heart over to that pure joy.

Valor: I put in one toe and immediately "noped" on out of its chemistry free attempt to be a Sexy CW military show instead of a normal one.

Kevin (Probably) Saves The World: it got one episode and was decent, but kind of schmaltzy, on a bad station/day/time, and not as good as watching Friends reruns.

The Mayor: my impetus to schlep myself on over to ABC is literally .01 on any given night, and a negative number if CBS is offering literally anything non-awful opposite it.

9JKL: I thought I might watch it super-casually, but oh god, it is Bad. It is so bad and boring and unfunny and no one has any chemistry or a nice face.

4. Which TV shows do you intend on checking out next year?
Lemme just check my handy-dandy list -- well, honestly, I can only handle so much enthusiasm in my heart at once, so right now I am most looking forward to longtime frontrunner Rise, as well as Instinct (which, haha, I forgot was both on CBS and going to include Naveen Andrews; I sure did time that Lost nostalgia tour right!) and perhaps The Champions and A.P. Bio. Maybe I can find The Mayor now that Survivor is on break and I have no reason to suffer Seal Team without it.

5. Which TV show impressed you the most this year? Why?
Taking 2 seasons into account where applicable, I actually wanna say...Criminal Minds! Like many people, I disliked the controversial prison storyline last spring, but as time passes I've really come around on it and realize the creators' vision, because it did lead to a lot of really great, unique, and Reid-focused footage. Plus they kept Adam Rodriguez on full time, found an inoffensive new team member, and then replaced him with a brilliant member of the tragically-canceled spin-off. And the plots are still, most of the time, very dark-n-twisty-n-entertaining to me.

6. Which TV show impressed you least this year? Why?
As much as I wanna call Superstore out again, I really think that nothing is gonna beat the legend of Kevin Can Wait, i.e. "we had to kill off the wife between seasons because it was the only respectful thing to do" (when they decided Leah Remini was too awesome to co-exist with her) "and also we were out of ideas after our first season." Please note that these are basically direct quotes.

7. Which TV show do you think you might let go of next year unless things significantly improve?
If Seal Team moves (timeslots) it's dead. Things are not looking too great for S.W.A.T. either. In the question of whose plot can support the hot re: this fall's qurtet of new uniformed dramas with leading men I love, apparently the answer was "The Brave, and only The Brave."

8. Which TV shows do you think you’ll never let go of no matter how crappy they get? Why?
Survivor is the first show I've dared to name in this space that didn't immediately turn horrible or get canceled, so I'm gonna say it again! Only one season since 2005 has been bad enough to lead me to boycott.


The Brave

Seal Team


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