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Work: *tapping me insistently on the shoulder* // Me: Not happenin', bro.

(Title reference here)

I have at least 5 more end-of-year things that I was super excited to fill out between December 26th and 30th, except most of them are book-related and I couldn't do anything with those because I could not stop reading, and now that the year is officially over I of course have no time to do any of them. But on the bright side, I came back and had not only new comments (what?!) but -- what's this? a friend request? from a real established member that not only isn't a spambot, but that I think I recognize??? What up, helsinkibaby. Please enjoy this horribly disjointed and rambling post as your starter.
Meanwhile, it is true that I technically had time to do some of them, but I opted to spend the first two days of the new year hunting the internet in full on predator mode seeking a new promo for The Brave:

nearly wringing YouTube's neck with an endless list of search terms because I know a promo exists dammit I heard the last two seconds of one after I suffered for an eternity through terrible show "Better Late Than Never" but lost focus at a crucial moment and then refreshing everyone's Twitter account and the Tumblr tag about 16 times, until finally, finally, my endurance and pain were rewarded by one (1) additional promo at 9:13 last night, which was exactly 12 minutes more of Chicago Med than I was able to tolerate*.

(*the show opened on people trying to get it on the backseat of a car, as is classy and befitting of adults and totally not the fastest way to turn me off a show, at least one additional reference was made to medical staff having a secret relationship, and by that point not even having a doctor scoop up an adorable preteen girl and carry her into an exam room was enough to make me stick around one second longer once I had my prize in hand. Or rather, in brain.)

But! The point is, I got it, even if half of it was rehashing the series to date and there were only a few extra seconds of new stuff. More to the point, about 45 minutes before that, sneak peeks went up -- 3 of them! 1 of them interesting enough to warrant my level of hyperventilation! (which I'm taking as a sign that there is so much good stuff they don't dare spoil it) -- and that's on top of the extra-spoilery still that Awesome Show Creator Guy released on his Twitter account (making it his header, actually, which seems kinda forward as far as spoilers go). By the way, that Twitter account is a place of wonder and joy filled with nonstop behind the scenes goodies. Look what one trivia winner already got!

Related Thoughts:
1) Natacha Karam is just the loveliest and most enthusiastic celeb I have seen in ages. According to IMDB she just popped up in Hollywood within the past year, and it looks like she's still dazzled as anything to be a lead on a major network TV show. Like to the point where she's retweeting fanvids.

2) Honestly, everyone connected to this show is hustling like crazy to promote it and connect to the fanbase, in ways I'm pretty sure are futile, but which also look like a true labor of love, since a lot of these names are relatively small-time players. I love that if they're going down, sugar, they're going down swinging.

(I will say I think it has a chance if its post-hiatus ratings aren't too far down and/or whatever they put in its timeslot afterwards doesn't do as well. But NBC, to the best of my recollection, doesn't like to give standalones much time to grow if they aren't knockout hits, and I fear they might just let CBS win the military game if they have enough other hits in the drama realm.)

3) I poked at some more fic, and I have now completely forgotten anything I recced before because THIS. THIS ONE: Somehow. This hypothetical 1x10, by a mystery writer of minimal other content and no identifiable presence on other sites, is intense but so, so, so well written that it blows everything else out of the water. It's just so in character, and honestly I am still doing somersaults / have read it at least 5 times since I found it. It actually shut down my feverish spoiler-hunting for 3 or 4 days, which is no small miracle given the state I'm in. And the shippy stuff is absolutely as indulgent as you can get and still pull off "plausible" in the context of current canon and fic context.

4) Stay tuned tomorrow (or sometime before Monday), when I rehash all the episodes that were not previously reviewed on this blog, because now that I have watched literally every official clip and BTS video YouTube has for this show, I actually remember them and can tell them apart, and would like to rank and differentiate them like pups in a prize litter.

Also, while YouTube was failing to provide me with the promo I wanted, it tried to ply me off by suggesting Hawaii Five-0 videos and it...succeeded. With the result that I spent roughly 1.5 hours last night chasing down videos featuring Grace, whom I clearly have not seen nearly enough in her tenure.

And shame on past me for not being immediately enchanted by her in season 1, because she is a precious doll, and it only makes it better get to see her grow up throughout the series. (Where is this prom or whatever where Steve & the Cavalry come rushing in to rescue her along with Danny, because this clip here was good but I want the rest. p.s. I apologize in advance for the link title.)

My major takeaway from this journey has been 1) amazement at just how fetching McGarrett is throughout the series -- it's like my hatred of the shoulder tattoos translates into an incorrectly negative memory of his face -- and renewed distress about his recent buzzcut, and 2) I can't help but notice this show makes it really easy for a casual viewer of the modern age to assume Grace has two dads.

Like -- that Halloween episode where they all end up watching a movie on the sofa, WHAT EVEN IS THAT. Earlier today I took a shot at the X-Files script for "Millenium" where it described the kiss as one that "lingers a bit longer than a kiss between two friends should" (what friends do you have that you are kissing on the mouth. your experiences are not universal!), but apparently sometimes friends put their arm around your shoulder and you lean into them. (????) (but also I am cackling that Danny just shrugs and is like 'ok, rolling with it')

Also n/m, please gloveslap me for that remark because YouTube is now informing me they just, apparently, tell each other "I love you" on the regular all manly-like, and I want to appreciate that for what it is.

And speaking of "I love you," you know how I try to avoid having an opinion on McGarrett's terrible love life and have regularly been within 3 clicks of perfectly-neutral about Catherine's face this whole time, not least because at last count she was not endgame? Yeah that's gone now. As of now I'm a fierce defender of McRoll. Plz destroy all memory of that horrible time where he wanted to propose and we later found out she would have said yes. Take it out of my brain right now, I don't want this.

P.S. I have remained a strong Danny fan throughout all of this, so I guess there is no going back to what I knew.

I wanted to go straight to the library today and pillage all the DVDs they have in order to do a full-blast highlight tour, but alas, local library carries 0 of them. They are all owned by 2 different branches, and all except number 7 are checked in, but I'm not driving 12 miles one way in winter weather, so I put them all on request instead. Which I now realize was dumb because I work this weekend and won't have time to enjoy them until roughly January 13th. But too late now! Maybe I can sneak away and pick them up early, then hope I can renew, just in case I need more strength to make it to Monday and that beautiful new Brave episode*.

*I was trying to keep my expectations in check, but too bad, too late, now I expect it to be the best damn thing that my eyes have ever seen, and if it's not, I will be fully expecting that one of the subsequent three is.
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