RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

"Your blog is a content workshop!" <-- accurate

So LJ did this adorable thing where they calculate your total number of entries in 2017, which you may remember is a thing I did by hand many times in the past, as well as your number of comments received on your blog (tho not sure if it counts comments you make in reply to comments received), and whip it up for you in a cute infographic you don't even have to host yourself. And because unlike all the haters in the comments, I appreciate people who curate data for me, so here it is!

[click here to view the giant picture and - more importantly - the exact numbers]

Bonus stats: this works out to posting on 73% of the days, or an average of 5.15 posts per week. A fair number of these are private, mostly because I have a tendency to start drafts, leave them unfinished and forget about them, but still. I'm glad to see I'm still trying, even if my episode review count went into free fall last February and has yet to recover.

Tags: livejournal, website toys

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