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Fandoms by The Numbers [queued]

Because it's not too late to keep talking about 2017! (Gosh, I even miss saying that number. It just sounds so cool. I've always loved the word "seventeen," and adding "twenty" before it gives it musical cadence that I just don't think 2018 can match. Although it least it sounds nicer than 2019, so I should cherish it. Wait, what were talking about?)

Anyway, this is another one borrowed from Dollsome that went from LJ to to Tumblr and back again, but it's also mixed up with a couple of additional questions from my surveys of years past that I missed.

1. Five favorite female characters of the year

  • Kensi Blye

  • Nell Jones (NCIS: LA)

  • Jaz Khan (The Brave)

  • Happy Quinn (Scorpion)

  • Clara Seiger (CM: Beyond Borders)

...I am having a weird amount of trouble coming up with ladies i would call "faves" that I focused on a lot this year on their own, and I feel like I'm forgetting female characters I have to love from afar on shows that are terrible. I almost resorted to movies to finish this out. (what up Edith Cushing, star of Crimson Peak and at least 3 19th/early 20th century novels I've read since then!)

2. Five favorite male characters of the year

  • Mitch Morgan (Zoo)

  • Jackson Oz (Zoo)

  • Marty Deeks (NCIS: LA)

  • Adam Dalton (The Brave)

  • Luke Alvez

  • Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)

  • Seeley Booth (Bones) or Jason Redman (Seal Team) -- still unsure which overall personality I like best, somehow.

  • Sayid Jarrah (Lost)

  • Ryan Atwood (O.C.)

SORRY, that is the absolute minimum number of Tier One operators TV has blessed me with this year (or that I have revisited). There are so many more I excluded who are still at A- level (which is where I would probably add a bunch more ladies, especialy from The O.C., but I am stingy and this post has already taken me 45 minutes for 3 questions because I am literally researching my own life wtf)

3. Five favorite ships of the year
I am defianty listing ALL THE MAJOR SHIPS because this kind of data is important to me so I know what to hijack for books.

  • Kensi/Deeks (NCIS: LA)

  • Mitch/Jamie (Zoo)

  • Nell/Eric (NCIS: LA)

  • Happy/Toby (Scorpion)

  • Elizabeth/Henry (Madam Secretary's Cute Domestic Marrieds)

  • Dalton/Jaz (The Brave)

  • Reid/Future Happiness With A Young Lady He Just Hasn't Met Yet (I don't have a character, just a character sketch and a vague neighborhood of ideas for how this could happen which I retreat to as my happy place)

  • Jackson/Jamie (Zoo)

  • Thomas/Edith ("Crimson Peak")

  • Nick/Lily ("Goodbye World")

  • Christy/Kevin Beam (names I just learned right this second, "Miracles From Heaven")

  • Amy/Jonah (Superstore)

Old ships revisited:
Shannon/Sayid (Lost)
Sayid/Nadia (Lost)
Booth/Brennan (Bones)
Hodgins/Angela (Bones)

And then there's my wild O.C. mess I have never quite spelled out to myself before:
Ryan/OFC Who Is Not Taylor post-2007
#did I forget any

4. Five favorite shows of the year
Ooh, I just did this for Tumblr, actually! Criminal Minds, CM: Beyond Borders, NCIS: LA, The Brave, and...The O.C. That show is getting 5th place because it brought me more joy than anything else current.

5. Five favorite episodes of the year
1. NCIS: LA, "Getaway"
2. Zoo, "Cradles and Graves"
3. NCIS: LA, "Queen Pin"
4. Criminal Minds, "Green Light/Red Light" (IT CAN COUNT AS ONE)
5. NCIS, "Beastmaster"

6. Best new fandom discovery of the year
(1) The Brave. I am Through The Roof about it right now, and my thrill is rising by the day.
(2) Scorpion/Quintis, because -- just -- shippiness everywhere. Shippiness and life endangerment, frequently at the same time.

7. Biggest squee moment(s) of the year
THAT TIME NCIS:LA STOPPED MESSING AROUND AND LET NELL AND ERIC KISS FOR REAL. WITH FEELINGS. How those two meerkat nerds managed to eclipse everything Deeks and Kensi did in Densi's Best Year Ever is wild but true. (not that they were sleeping on the job. 8x17/Queen Pin is my favorite episode full of shippy things for them, but beyond that I can't even remember the many thrills they offered)

And, I mean, Mitch and Jamie kissing multiple times on Zoo was not exactly the disappointment their zero kisses last year were.

8. Biggest fandom disappointment of the year
Zoo got all weird/stopped being about real animals at all, it just went full-tilt sci-fi and experiments on humans and mutant creatures. And then got its ass canceled. Because of course it did.

Also, that Good After Bad / More Than Enough / whatever that movie's gonna be called remains undistributed and therefore unseeable by my eyes. Is this gonna be like a "Margaret" situation where it sits on the shelf for six years post-filming?

9. Favorite villain of the year
Insane Jessica Chastain from Crimson Peak? I always wish I had better answers for this question.

10. Favorite f/f couple of the year
I had a wild ride with Nell/Kensi (NCIS: LA) this summer, but that has pretty well dissolved now and I'm back to jonesing for stories with them as sisters instead, so really, none.

11. Favorite m/m couple of the year
Again, nothing canon, but I like to joke about Luke/Reid on Criminal Minds in ways that are barely jokes. GIVE REID A LIFE PARTNER, I DON'T CARE HOW.

12. Fandom that you never expected to get into
Scorpion. Overnight, I really went from years of Straight Damn Hate to getting excited about and watching it every single week, sometimes live.

13. Fandom that made an unexpected comeback
(1) “WELCOME BACK TO THE O.C., BITCH.” That was a wild 6-7 weeks of summer!

(2) Bones rose from the actual television graveyard (well, the yard where I bury shows alive) after 7 years to light up my life.

(3) The abbreviated but thoroughly enjoyable dive back into Lost, which I've been trying to make happen for 5 years and then managed to do by accident, was also gr8.

(4) I didn't get around to mentioning it because it got rushed out faster than I wanted by new fandom rushing in, but I did take a mini tour around Revolution again circa September. At some point it should probably become expected.

14. Fandom that inspired the most crack
Zoo? Zoo is crack.

15. Your main fandom throughout the year
Really kind of a tough call between NCIS: LA (even if I wasn't talking about it), Zoo and O.C., as far as total time spent in them.

16. The most missed of your old fandoms
All the ones I revisited? (most of all I missed the O.C., and how much more I could have participated if I had been on LJ then) Although I did have a fierce longing for Under the Dome this fall, which has been spiking harder the longer I wait for new shipper-friendly footage from The Brave. I actually bought a book (albeit for only $1.75) because the cover reminded me of the show's intro, and I immediately saw Joe as the main character.

17. Fandom predictions for next year
I am so bad at predictions. Um, I predict that I will love Rise (through sheer force of will if needed), and that I will find a way to center more than a few YA novels around its cast as a result?
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