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La nuit tombe et l'astre blanc va se lever

This unplanned post brought to you by my need to take a break from work coupled with my euphoric joy at rediscovering French singer Isabelle Boulay (whom, I have learned in this rediscovering, was also a judge on the French Canadian version of The Voice, which is apparently a thing that exists).

Over the year, my French classes have appropriated a number of French songs into vocab or grammar lessons, and in 2005 my professor used one by this singer. I wish I could remember which one it was, but it was enough for me to go look it up online, and fall in love with/buy four more songs besides. It was on a smaller site, maybe French, and I think they had some kind of weird DRM or copyright protection attached, because at some point between computers -- and this would have been two computers ago -- they disappeared from my music library.

And then I forgot about them, until I had an urge to listen to "N'Oubliez Jamais" -- her cover, because hers is the one I heard first, and frankly it still annoys me that it's technically Joe Cocker's and vastly more people must know it that way only -- and I realized I didn't have it, nor any of the others.

Luckily, Spotify does. And while I have not yet explored the rest of the tracks, I have been having a field day with Etat d'Amour (state of love), Je t'oublierai (I will forget you), Le Saule (as in "je suis un saule inconsolable," literally inconsolable willow, which is still the best self descriptor I have ever heard for missing someone), and my VERY favorite, La Lune, which is a bouncy and fun song about enjoying the night, with only the moon as your witness, and whose lyrics I still know half by heart.

...and then I just lost half an hour remembering my other star "introduced to me in French class" singer, Nâdiya. I still have basically all of her singles, ten in all. "Chaque Fois" was a grammar lesson in high school, and my first impression of it was that it sounded like a Hilary Duff (circa 2003) song, so I was quite amused to see how opposite the reality of her person was -- then in 2006 I looked up her other stuff and off we went. I have to highly recommend Parle-Moi, this heartbreaking song to a victim of child abuse (or was it her childhood self?), whose music video also includes some clips with AMAZING early-00s fashion choices and Spice-Girls-esque dancing, wow.

Urge to make mixtape of all the greatest French hits in my French-studying life...rising... (Carla Bruni, Quelqu'un M'a Dit! Celine Dion, Les derniers seront les premiers! Ancient hit Il est trop tard! Mylene Farmer's l'histoire d'une fée! ...actually I've kind of hit a wall here; I am sure there are others but I'd have to go dig)

...this was supposed to be a brief opening act for the main post but somehow I lost an hour just listening to music / watching music videos, so I guess that post will have to wait. P.S. <48 hours to THE BRAVE.
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